Queen (Poem)

Me. I.
I was his Queen.
I still bear royal standing.
Simply for being.
I am at peace
with that realization.

No, they did not deserve me
To count me as one of them.

He did deserve me,
And I him,
Our souls linked.

The actions that ripped us apart
Such an affront to God,
the angels wept, and weep still.

I? I survive. I live.
I pray for Him.
Walk the Widow’s walk
No grave for flowers
Avoiding the shell
He once lived in.

(C)2015, Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC

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ATTN: Catholic Voters in the USA

An interesting quote from Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, a Vaticanite Roman Catholic priest:

“….Church leaders need to dissociate themselves from governments and politicians who persecute gay people, and show example of respect for their dignity…”

By the way, he is not just a priest. He’s a theologian and a Jesuit religious. Catholic enough for ya?

SO, you old men over at the  US Conference of (Vaticanite) Catholic Bishops, are you finally going to get your $$$ money, your “issue ads” and your sound bites OUT of the GOP, The Tea Party, and the US Election?

Wake up U.S. Catholics!
Our Environment, Our Poor, Our Widows, Our Children, and, yes, Our LGBTQ neighbors need you to vote…carefully!

You have more choices that fit Catholic values than Red or Blue big money candidates!


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April 15 Could Have (Poem)


April 15 Could Have
by Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC, (c)2016

Today could have
Been the first ride
Two best friends
Clad in orange and black

V Twins Roaring
To life
Hibernation over
Leather buffed
Metal gleaming
Tearing up asphalt
In the spring sunshine.

But, today
I put the gear
On the dog
And wheeled him
For a walk.

That noble steed
Our pride and
Oh, so much joy!
Shattered bones
Torn hide
Auctioned off
To the glue factory

Oh, Black Cherry!
You were the most
Innocent victim
Of all!

Like a very scared child
Forgiveness creeps in
The corner of the room
Silent, watching, waiting
To see if the parts
Of body, mind, soul
Have healed
From coven’s whips
The harlot’s sword.

She looks over the visible
And invisible scars
Wondering if they
Are healed enough
To touch, to embrace.

I, psychiatric widow,
Pay her no mind today

My other half
My best friend
As dead as a heart
A mind can be
Still stumbles
On earth
Broken, bruised,
Scarred like me
No, worse.
I never fell to
Evil plants calling.

No, today the dog
Looked to the road
Ears up, tail wagging
Listening for
The V Twin roar
Waiting for ….

Suddenly he turned
Climbed in my lap
On my wheelchair
Buried his face in my arms
And moaned
An awful sound
As his ears fell
His tail dropped
And I wheeled
Him home.

Today could have
Been our first ride
Sunshine, Spring
Black tar, double yellow line
Two best friends
And a dog.

I, the widow
Caring for
A canine orphan
Living the wheeled life
Today, lamenting

How the women killed
Black Cherry
On the path
To destroy
Two best friends
And a dog.

Quiet, child!
I don’t want you
Offering your small hand
To touch one scar
No, forgiveness
One man,one steed
And one mournful
Hurting dog to care for
No, child.
Today is to remember
What was done by evil
And to lay. …..

Today, after the walk,
I worked in the garden.
Mentally placing flowers
on two graves
But enjoying
The new buds

Tomorrow’s Morning Glories….


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Peas and Carrots

It is 11:30pm. Exhausted, but too wired, anxious, to sleep. Food went up. Again. A lot.

I went food shopping tonight, a 90 minute exhausting marathon in my wheelchair.

Because I usually buy the same stuff each month, and keep receipts, I do a quick list of what each item cost last month by ounce or pound, etc. At the store, as I am shopping, I do the same math, and compare it to see how much the real price has gone up. By going to price per ounce, etc the games with packaging, specials, etc are taken out.

The food has gone up about 2% since end of February. (I didn’t shop in March).

My $16 in food stamps now only buys me $15.60 worth of food.


My list that – in February – came to $66 total would cost $67.32. In my case, that meant I would have had to put back the 99 cent bag of veggies and the dented clearance .40 can of tomato sauce. No tomato sauce and pasta for a month. No peas or carrots for a month.

Money left on a Xmas gift card from my bio brother saved me. Thanks Jim….

I sat there in my wheelchair, thinking, “At 2% a month, food is rising even faster than I planned. Monsanto, etc…don’t they get it? That they are starving us?”

Or, maybe that is the point.

Rich corporations and the 1% don’t care about the price of food.

For the 1%, It is only .00012% of their income, although I can’t find the link to where I read that.

If they starve me to death, New Hampshire  taxpayers save maybe $20,000 a year in state and federal taxes for the 10 years or so I have left.

Unless I go in a county nursing home. Then they will have their taxes go up to around $44,000 a year for however long I can stand losing my dog, my home, my independence, and my right to sleep over my adoptive parent’s apartment any time I want.

NH taxpayers, American taxpayers, have elected people who cut and cut.

NH taxpayers, therefore, refused to build more nursing homes. They spent a decade refusing to build group homes and supported apartments for mental health consumers, got sued, and lost. They refused to raise the taxes on big corporations and the 1%, so they are paying the court ordered money by…cutting food stamps, Hearing aids, reading glasses, medications, medical supplies, daycare subsidies, welfare cash (that only families that work, go to school, or volunteer work can get), and every other program for…

The poor. The disabled. Children. The homeless. The hungry. The Widow. The Orphan. The Stranger, beaten and robbed lying in a ditch along the road.

American taxpayers have refused to put out more Section 8 vouchers or to increase them to match rents for a decade. Poor families, the disabled and elderly now often face 5-10 years on waiting lists. American taxpayers cut funding for school lunches, raised student loan interest rates and handed the money to big banks for years. American taxpayers cut funding to Medicare, to Meals on Wheels, and to hundreds of programs for education, health, and low income families. Then they took that smaller money for Meals on Wheels and handed it to private, for profit companies who now give out tiny trays of food that sicken the people who eat it. American taxpayers cut inspectors for food products, and don’t understand why there are so many salmonella outbreaks now. They swing naked on a wrecking ball that is deadly, hurting the same people as NH taxpayers have, but on a national scale.

This is about a lot more than me, in New Hampshire, losing $1.32 of food due to rising food prices.

This is about everyone voting to change this system that only gives to those who are least in need, who are so rich that the idea of food prices going up 24% in one year is meaningless.

This is about voting for the right to life of humans, fully born, first, then talking about balls of 48cells inside someone’s body or what kind of “rights” a non human corporation can have.

This is about NOT being like the Germans in the 1930’s who either dismissed or, worse, voted for the loud, arrogant man with the strange hair.

Voters, Taxpayers, Americans might want to think hard about why they choose to consign so many to misery and death, just for rich corporations and the 1% ultra rich Americans who don’t even care they exist, and even now are pushing Iran style theocracy in Tennessee and other states.


Write a new name in, Vote in Black, if you are “blue” or “red”.

Even better, Vote Green, so that never again will one color be able to shut down our entire government over one miniscule issue because they have 3 more seats than the other guys.

Otherwise, taxpayers, Americans, may all end up sighing, saying:

“They came after the Syrian refugees, and I didn’t do anything because I wasn’t a refugee.
They came after the gays and trans, and I didn’t do anything because I wasn’t gay.
They came after….”

Those who do not listen to history are doomed to repeat it!

#votegreenorblack  #election2016

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The Heart (poem)

Found on the internet…


Alas, the heart wasn’t considered worth keeping,

As latex and underwires,
Chemical dyes and lies
Forbidden fruit, toxic ash
Favor from the sick coven
Cash from the wallet that has
A thousand strings

Turned out to be too seductive.

So the heart was left by the side of the road,
Victim of slander outrageously untrue,
Sobbing in a crude lean-to, in the rain.
Alone and cold, bruised by the harlot
And the coven’s blows
As much as by the words
“I will be back to get you, my love.”
Followed by the V-Twin roar
Fading in the dark.

Broken, shattered, it wandered lost
Leaving trails of blood and tears
Soon, everyone there forgot that heart
While others followed the trail of blood
Mile after mile
Wagering on how long
Before dinner….

Her love, fell so far,
But survived,
Almost too late,
He returned,
Sore with bloated goiter, scars anew.

The heart stayed hidden
With her love, away from
The harlot’s touch,
The eyes of the coven’s hands
And they healed together
Loved together
Prayed and danced together

Until the day the harlot crawled
Out of her Southern swamp
Sliding off her wedding ring
Reaching with bony, diseased fingers
And seduced again.

The heart
And for several moments
Didn’t beat at all.

Slowly the shards were picked up
The wolves fought off, sent away hungry
Cradled in hands of angels
Surgically sewn back together
Infused with platelets
Guarded in a secret ICU
Prayers ascended, tears fell
At the lifeless form, the tubes and wires

Time passed, hours, days, weeks

The heart beats, warm, steady
It stares steadily into a monstrance, praying,
And the Savior receives supplications
While the stitched together, scarred heart
Thu-thumps and pumps.

Still holding that one space in it sacred
For the One who made vows that morning
Just her, him, God’s representative on earth,
Her heart ever changed,

The heart still holds
That one sacred space
For the man, the best friend,
The coworker in God’s work…

She had stayed true to the entire time.

Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC

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Accidental Easter Sermon, 2016


Accidental Easter Sermon, 2016
By Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC

Originally part of a Facebook comment to a member of my online community, (TodaysCatholics.com). The member is John Sharp. While John and I don’t always agree, he often has insights and words that make you think, which is good for all Catholics.

The comment was related to a post about the March 2016 report by a Pennsylvania Grand Jury on Vaticanite Roman Clergy pedophiles and the massive cover up. Like the first such opening of this cancer afflicting the Vaticanites so badly and for so long – the Boston Herald expose years ago, it broke and destroyed many myths, and made a public comment by current Vaticanite Head Francis sound as pathetically weak and wrong as those made by Vaticanite officials in the past. Francis comment was to the effect that only 2% of the 414,000 clergy under him were pedophiles. Only 8,000? It is most probably double that, especially if rumors of what happens to girls in Africa are at all true.

Left unsaid was the number of pedophile clergy in the Vaticanite history, as well as the number of pedophile clergy who had themselves been childhood clergy abuse victims. Also unsaid was a word of girls abused by nuns, septic tank babies in Ireland, and a good number of adult women taken advantage of by Vaticanite clergy.

TodaysCatholics.com refuses and rejects the belief that the Vaticanites are not part of The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, along with Orthodox, Anglican, Independent, and other Catholic families of denominations. We take seriously that we are One Body.

The comment, then, was my belief of the need for all Catholics to pray for Francis of The Vaticanites to turn toward God and open all the files, books, libraries, offices to law enforcement.

I was spurred….actually driven out of my wheelchair to my knees as I read the pages of the Philadelphia Roman Clergy abuse report released by the grand jury.

In a moment, in one document, was laid bare what We Catholics had known all along. Clergy pedophilia in the Vaticanite family was not caused by gay priests or the LGBTQ movement. It was not caused by Vatican II. The traditionalist Vatican I Catholics do not have any cleaner hands than any of the other Vaticanites. That the cover ups went on for decades, and it is impossible it did not reach several Vaticanite Popes, some of whom are now saints.

John Sharp posited that it was a systematic dysfunction in the Vaticanite system. Others posted indignation, anger, but no solutions.

I said:

“Yea, John Sharp, but these are our Catholic brothers and sisters… And, as I mentioned in my recent blog post,
we now know it predates Vatican II, gay rights, and except for a few occurances, is afflicting Vaticanites far more than any other Catholic family – even those groups God took and made cuttings from to plant as new variety of Roses. We know also that the Vaticanites also have a history of other cancers, like priests abusing girls and women, nuns abusing children, and…

…I am sorry, but infanticide.

No outside archeologists, criminologist, medical forensic experts were allowed to work the site in Ireland free of Vatican presence, and none have gone on record to substantiate the Vatican claim all those dead babies in that septic tank were barely formed fetuses naturally miscarried or stillborn. If they were, how is it so many skeletons were so solid they were still intact?

The cancers afflicting our brothers and sisters, the Vaticanites, have left open, gangrenous, festering wounds full of pus that because we ARE one church affect us all.”

Then, the words flowed almost as if they were not of my mind…but, having had some profound religious experiences and having been a Charismatic Catholic, having felt the power of the Spirit, I knew they were mine.

“We must not hide our lamps under baskets. We must shine our light and seek to pull all these wounds out to the bright Sunlight of Justice.

So we must pray, earnestly.

I believe, however, we must do more. We must demonstrate that we will support Francis if he chooses to turn towards God, away from the system, and open ALL the books, files, sites, church offices to full, impartial, professional law enforcement officials!

Yes, his enemies inside the Vatican will hurt him, already putting words in his mouth that only 2% of clergy – 8,000 out of 414,000 are pedophiles. As if!

Yes, his enemies inside the Vatican have duct taped his mouth shut on the girls and women abused, the babies left unburied to rot, the true honest but gay clergy who were abused and discarded.

Yes, If Francis turns towards God and lets loose the horrors, gives the keys to interpol and other law enforcement, his enemies will step up the attempts to assassinate him.

Better Francis die as a martyr of Truth, real confession, real healing than to see him continue the human sins of popes going back to at least 1940 and remaining silent!”

Francis has shown courage before, I thought. He has fought the system. He is so close, so likely to be The One to stop playing Caesar, to be just a real shepherd to the Vaticanites.

Then, my thoughts turned to John Sharp, John Plummer, Gregory Godsey, Caitlyn Finigan-Grenier, Trevor Terron Greene, Rick Philips, and so many others from such varied parts of the Catholic garden. I stopped and thought about these members, the ones who posted a lot and the others…

“Think for a moment. With only 414,000 clergy, and many of those deacons and priests….if all of US, the other Catholics, banded our prayers, our hands, our words together….wouldn’t we give The Holy Spirit a huge amount of room to aid our Brother Francis in choosing the first step in curing this systemically spread cancer through the Vaticanite part of our Catholic body?

Wouldn’t the very human Francis be embolded to do what is right if he knew that ALL the other bishops, ALL the rest of the Catholic body was ready to support him in opening the festering, dirty, useless bandages covering these wounds?”

I began to cry, feeling the weight of Jesus on the cross as he knew, 2,000 years ago, that these innocents might suffer so if humans made the wrong choices with their free will. The agony Jesus must have felt at that moment. And how pitiful my own sufferings are compared to His.

“Now, you can perhaps see why I spend so many hours in prayer for all of you members of TodaysCatholics.com.

You have stood up and proclaimed that the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church is so much more than the 40+ denominations in the Vaticanite family!

You have risked coming here online and putting yourselves as humans out there, and learned to read each other’s words, to talk civilly (most of the time) to each other, and many of you have found enough in common to “friend” each other, begin your own groups about vestments, music, theology ….

Think of just Bishop Gregory Godsey’s group for Independent Catholics, his growing magazine, the best Journal for a denominational group I have seen yet, and his ISM database where for free any Independent jurisdiction or clergy can be listed so travelling Catholics can find them!

Or consider Bishop Trevor Terrance Greene’s group, fast building an impressive, permanent, online library of canons and related documents from Catholic, proto- Catholic, and Early Christian communities around the world and history!

This is why you are all so dear to my heart….

2100 here and at the Not All Catholics Are Facebook group, 98 at the NACAR Google+ circle (soon to have it’s own account), and the 80 or so Vaticanites who dare not come out of a closet as painful and damaging as those of the LGBTQ and Mental Health Consumers….

Close to 2500 humans, communities, denominations, from all corners of the Catholic garden!

Why have I risen time and again, due to God alone, and gone to work to grow and be as much a mother to you all as this crippled, broken body is able?

Because what you have all accomplished since 2009 is but a taste of what you can together accomplish now, and long after I am dead! It matters!

You are the antibodies, fighting for communication, understanding, respect for differences, unity in essentials!

I am just a bag of bones that God gave an idea to, and who has saved me time and again to labor here, scruffy, poor, and as you know sometimes barely able to write coherently. I am still mostly that lay religious halfway back in the pews, raising my hands with questions, curling over an aging laptop doing what little I can until God sends more to this…ministry.

You members are Today’s Catholics. You are the future and present possible healers. It all starts by being brave enough to come online and say hello, to share a photo, ask a question, share joys and sufferings as humans.

Pray. Please. Pray for unity that doesn’t need a city-state, one type of governance or liturgy, one human head, all trademarked under “.catholic” owned by a secular government.

Pray for the unity of the early Jesus followers, Jewish, Greek, and more.

Pray for our brother Francis to turn to God and make the right first step now. Pray for each other. Pray, pray and pray!

Then, like the Old Catholic Saint Mother Augustine, go out each day and labor, write, act as you are each able.

If you read all this, thank you.

Post on the wall if you agree or not, post on the wall what Catholic unity might look like to you, as my vision may only be one facet of a complex diamond I cannot perceive.

Take care,
Brenda Eckels Burrows”

An accidental, unplanned, from the heart sermon. If it bears fruit, I will know God led my words. If not, I will know that my sermons are not of use to the Church, and try to curb the impulse should it arise again. If I can’t see if it bears fruit or not?

God, that is in your hands. I will wait and pray.

*wiping tears, sweat*
*rolling away to rest*

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TV Crime Drama & Good Friday Confessions


TV Crime Drama & Good Friday Confessions

by Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC (c)2016


I spent this Holy Day on doctor ordered bedrest, and along with prayer, fasting as allowed, and sleeping I watched television.

I do not own a television per se, and am still slightly confused at the attraction it seems to hold on Americans.  Why sit watching this blue spreadsheet roll slowly, trying to match the time and channel to find a show?  I watch TV on my computer, an aging laptop with better speakers and a better screen than any TV I ever owned by myself.  No, it is not as sharp as the arm sized HD TV I bought at a pawn shop, and left with Brian.  But by not having a TV, I have a space in the living room for the electric fireplace I had also bought for our cabin, and the laptop can go anywhere I am.

I also do not watch shows that must be paid for.  This means that sadly, I must remember every two weeks to log on to catch my favorite crime drama, Law and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit​.  After a couple weeks, they lock the episodes, so I can no longer enjoy, like in days past, taking the laptop, pulling up Hulu.com, and gorging on 5 hours of  the show at once with tissues, noisemaker (for when they win and catch the bad guys), and a really good soy cheese and Velveeta fondue with cubes of various breads and lots of drinks. On the other hand, I can still pull up Youtube.com and do the same thing with DavidBowie/JethroTull/Depeche Mode videos and Steampunk movies, so life moves on.

Today I watched Season 17 Episodes 15 &16. While the story has been fictionalized to protect the guilty, I WAS THERE, part of the Vaticanite Roman Archdiocese of Boston when the Vatican Government spirited Cardinal Bernard Law out of the US before the Massachusetts DA could issue the warrant for his arrest.

Pope Francis, like his predecessor, has failed to do the RIGHT, CATHOLIC thing and have Bernie extradited back to Boston to face a judge and jury.  Until he does, his reputation as Cesar, political King of the UN member city state Vatican, AND his reputation as a Catholic Bishop in good standing are both tarnished, and the entire One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church will continue to bleed from the open festering wound in the Vaticanite part of it’s body.

He’s human, and so is Benedict. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life also, so I can understand why Francis might not yet have the courage to do what is right.  After all, today was Good Friday, and as I meditated on the Crucifixion, and on the meaning that sacrifice of Jesus was…I became overwhelmed at the mistakes and sins I may have confessed, received absolution for, and been forgiven by God that still require my ACTION to make amends, and to do what is RIGHT and CATHOLIC.  I, like Pope Francis, also have caused wounds to go unhealed in others, and each day I am able I try to find ways to repair, or at least apologize, for the damage I had done in the past.

My fear is that too many Catholics, from Francis on down have forgotten that while we can be forgiven of anything we do wrong, any human mistake, any sin…we still have an obligation to, as they say in Alcoholics Anonymous, “do ALL the steps”.  That includes (in AA-speak):

  • 8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
  • 9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

I am glad Law & Order: SVU made these two episodes, which allude to so many facets of what really did happen in Boston.  Just as we must not forget those amends we still have to make, as Catholics, we must not forget that Our Church still bleeds with this festering wound.  We must continue to pray and to call out loud for Francis to do what is right, and send the criminals like Law back, and stop hiding them inside Vatican walls.

It would injure no one to have Bernard Law confess, face trial, and be judged for his crimes except those who alongside and above him also committed heinous crimes and sins.  The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church is so much larger than the Vatican families, it can better survive having this open wound, and any new wounds coming to light, and being treated.  The Vaticanites themselves can survive the whole, entire, complete truth being brought into the light, and the average Vaticanite Catholic lay person knows it.

This Good Friday, tomorrow’s Holy Saturday, while he mediates on the Crucifixion and the Sealed Tomb, I hope that Francis, just like me, thinks long and hard about those things that have been left undone far too long, and acts soon.

I know that I am.  By Pentecost, I hope to act on at least a few things.  I pray Francis begins by sending Bernie Law back to confess and stand trial, perhaps also by Pentecost.

We all need action after absolution….otherwise, we can’t really reconcile with those we hurt.


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Depeche Mode and the Sacred Feminine: their New Song and Video “Heaven” Take Us through a Journey of Symbolism

There was a time when they were thought to be a part of the “Dark” movement. Black leather clothes, sad (great) tunes, blasphemous lyrics. Depeche Mode are undoubtedly one of the most i…

Source: Depeche Mode and the Sacred Feminine: their New Song and Video “Heaven” Take Us through a Journey of Symbolism

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Shoes (Poem)

Shoes by Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC


If you even knew
What a mile in my shoes
Was like now,
Would you care?

Or would you just
Quietly drop me
As you “clean”
Your Friend’s list?

If I were the huddled
Stranger on your shore
Like your great-grands before
Would you
Open your door?

If I were so starved
I gladly dug in your trash
Would you
Give me a ticket or bread
From your kitchen?

If you fell silent
I would try to ask why
If you were homeless
I’d try to guard your tent.
If you were hungry
I’d offer you half of my…whatever.

Maybe I have
Lived too long.
A relic
Of the age when
Family was forever
Vows were kept
St. Francis was more
Than a garden statue
Next to the Gnome.

Maybe these
Modern morals
Ignoring your sister’s cry
Your brother’s decline
Idolizing bullish, brutish, hate filled men
Walking past that huddled mass
These polished professional
Impossibly perfect kid’s photos
On Instagram

Have become
More important

Maybe I have lived so long
I now find myself in a land
With people who can’t
Be honest that

That little girl had splattered mud in the kitchen
And you had yelled at her. Loud.

That your brother could die, or worse
While you soak in sun in La La Land.

That your sister doesn’t want a card
She wants a hand to squeeze
During the painful injections.

That idolizing a modern day Hitler
Is morally as wrong
As walking past the huddled and hungry
Tap tap tapping
On your phone.

If you had to walk even a few steps
In my shoes
Her shoes
His shoes
Francis’ sandals…

Would you change? Would you see?

(c) 2016

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Where are GOP Dropouts now? Ben Carson

gopdropouts1Dr. Ben Carson, doctor turned politician…and of course the GOP token Black.

For all the bragging about how diverse the field was, guess who is left?  Uhhh, I believe that it is 4 white guys, but the Canadian might still be in it.

Ben Carson held some controversial beliefs:
1) Egyptians built the pyramids to store grain. 

Ewwww! They put the dead people in with the food supply? Ben you really believe that?
2) Satan encourages the lie of evolution.

One, it is not a lie. There is pretty damn good research that shows how certain pigeons in urban areas have evolved a to have a different pattern and color of their feathers to better blend in to the urban landscape.  There are at least 100 other examples in the National Geographic, the Smithsonian, and a bunch of peer reviewed medical journals.

Satan getting some benefit out of us knowing about evolution? Nope. Still able to believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ just fine, thank you.
3) Homosexuality is a choice.

Ben, if that is your personal belief, or one that got shoved down your throat in a church you like, hey, that’s fine.

MY Church says that the increasing medical, psychological, and genetic research only confirms what Jesus said about homosexuality.  Which was…Nothing.  Not part of His teachings at all.

None of which has to do with being President, because we have this separation of Church and State.  YOUR church can’t tell ME what to believe. We fought a war over that in 1776, remember?

4) Homosexuality is a side effect of going to prison.

Hello? Where did he come up with that one? I used to work with ex-cons, and while some were bisexual to begin with and migrated to straight out gay while inside, there is no evidence that merely being in prison – even if sexually assaulted – is going to change your DNA.

OK, aside from the, ahem, unusual beliefs that Doc had….Guess where he quit his campaign at?

An American Conservative Union meeting…They have as board members an actual female who has been allowed out of the kitchen.  Rumor has it she even gets to wear shoes. Kimberly Bellissimo, co-founder, President and CEO of Base Connect, “a direct mail fund-raising company that helps federal and state conservative candidates, conservative nonprofit groups”….YEAH, she is one of the people who killed THOUSANDS of trees just to clog the mailboxes of Iowa and New Hampshire that if you don’t vote for the GOP, Satan will bring you to a prison and turn you gay.   They also have The Honorable Ron Christie “American government relations expert and Republican political strategist” What’s more important is he was ALSO Deputy Assistant to Vice President Cheney…yeah, that Halliburton & Oil, “there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq”, back room deals, bad shot Dick Cheney.

Remember that nice black doctor who ran for President saying he was a different kind of Conservative? That he wasn’t one of those scary Tea Party types, or part of the old boy network?

So, is he going back to medicine? Nope. Already has himself a nice New job! Where?

National Chairman for My Faith Votes, an organization focused on mobilizing Christian voters. But only the voters who are Ultra Conservative Christians. And they are mobilized only to vote for candidates who are extreme conservatives and Fundamentalist Christians, part of SuperPacs and the old boy network that got us into the Iraq war, and got the Iraqi people nothing but misery and hardship after Dick Cheney got Halliburton hired to make money there.

Ben Carson quit his run for president at the annual meeting of a Super PAC full of….Tea Party and old boy network Republicans! 

To Go To Work at Another SuperPAC!  One that wants to shove the belief that Satan can make you think there never were dinosaurs and if your kid goes to prison you have to buy rainbow stickers!

My, how his attitude must have changed since he was first up here in New Hampshire!

Still believe that the Fundamentalist Extremist Christian side of the GOP wants a free America where you can vote as you wish and NOT according to KJV Bible quotes?

Think again.

He chose to quit the campaign trail at a Super PAC for Ultra Conservatives, to take a job at a Super PAC for extreme Fundamentalist Christian Conservatives.This is an excellent step forward for someone who may want to run again in the party of…..

Well the part of the GOP that has bastardized and twisted what REAL ordinary Republicans believe anyway. They have hijacked the GOP so they can keep pushing forward to create a theocracy like Iran and Isis. 

Dear God, where is John Glenn?! They didn’t kill him for speaking out against the Tea Party, did they?? Poor normal GOP members better get ready to vote black – as in a write-in campaign..

Tired of this game already.

Glad that this year you can vote Red, Blue, Black OR Green….:)


Right Click To Save…Have Fun!

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