It takes a lot of guts to propose to a woman who has been married as many times as me. No, I am not quite as frequent as the late Liz Taylor to Don white and say “I do”, but between the two legal marriages and two not so legal ones, plus a long-term relationship or three, well I AM one of those women that the nice sweet church ladies gossip about when they think no one is watching.

Bravery, however, is one thing that is encoded in the DNA of the Marquis family. So, once Brian decided he never again wanted to spend a night apart from me, the die was cast. He swept me off my feet. Twice.

That story will wait. Today the story is my own leap of faith, bravely (or at least pretending bravery) into a new unknown. I am walking through a door opened for me by God to something that made me wonder if I am some sort of modern day Job, tugged this way and that as the foil for one of God’s epic sparring matches with Satan.

For the most part, my family – well, the biological family I knew up until recent times – are fairly uninterested in my life. The kids I had are all basicly grown up, off leading busy twenty something lives that make reading their Tweets and Facebook wall feel like watching a really excellent TV show with great writers and decent production values.

My parents buried the last of the burdensome old crippled relatives and absconded to California.  I have memories of visiting a globe trotting Uncle and Aunt there, and talk daily with many friends who list California as “home”. Somehow, however, the California my parents exist in feels more like they climbed aboard a train one day in London and disappeared into another dimension.

I have more Aunts and Uncles of course, and several cousins, but other than a wonderful great-aunt and uncle I talk with often on Facebook, the “other relations” in my life have faded to faded Polaroid shots I might glance through while sipping soy eggnog at Advent.

It is probably a good thing they are not interested. If they were, they would be all a-tweeting about the photo above. One bag from Best Buy can signify so much.

If you are going to reboot your entire life, some advice: Bring a towel, and take lots of video….

Video camera, tablet, and assorted gizmos all signify that I am changing again. This time, however, anyone who cares to can watch.