It is midnight Wednesday, July 3, 2013. We are in East Strousdburg, Pennsylvania,  and we have just under 40 hours to get from here, through to Maryland, a corner of West Virginia, Virginia, a sliver of Tennessee,  and into North Carolina for Friday night’s potluck dinner.

Trapped in a Twilight Zone hotel with no internet, no regular phone, or cell signal, I can only guess that we have about 10 to 12 hours of driving to go. I suppose that normally, this would seem quite reachable given our physical therapist written rule of 6 hours of riding a day. However,  I have to add to that 60 to 120 minutes to pack, weight test, load, balance,  and to tie, bungee, press, push, pull, and when it is all secure, test the weight distribution all over again. At the end of each day the reverse proceedure is shorter, tonight only 30 , minutes,  but still important as one missing cane delayed us this morning by almost 40 minutes.

This doesn’t leave much space for the work on the service handout, advertising rate card, press passes for me and Brian, telephone interviews with Independent churches, and the one on one ministry work I do via Skype, Facebook, and email.

But tonight I am absolutely exhausted after our day from hell. If it hadn’t been for God inspiring us to get off the interstate, and our romantic drive down Route 209’s Delaware River conservation area, I do think I would have lost my mind. That deep and dark, lovely old growth garden of Eden gave us the refreshment that lasts, but my muscles are protesting as loud as my joints in all 10 fingers.

So even though I have still not mastered taking footage off the camera and uploading it to Dave, even though it is still not totally quiet at this small motor inn with fireworks fans, even though I haven’t computed how far we must get by tomorrow night, I am going to bed. Medicines taken, cleanup, teeth brushed, blog post about the day yalf written. I need to sleep, and for once, am not afraid that if I do, nightmares and flashbacks will bolt me awake all night. Perhaps I am beginning to recover from last year’s traumas after all….