The lake shimmers in the summer sun
Tiny sparkles of light tipping each small wave
And the breeze gently blows

But underneath…

By the dock you can look down
Into seemingly still water
And watch minows frolic

But underneath…

Deep in the center
A battle rages
The undergound stream
     The heart and soul of the water

It churns
      And pushes
           Violently slicing upward

Demanding to be allowed to exist

Demanding the right to become one with the lake

Demanding the right to love…

At first the lake fights back building walls of heavy sediment
In a feeble attempt to remain alone and unloved

But as the cold maintain ice
That became the stream
Sings and surges
The water of the lake gives way
And is made complete in the union.

The lake looks calm

But, underneath

The dance of passion and love rages on.