The non profit organizations that provided excellent community based services had budgets hacked to death by GOP cuts during Regan, Bush 1, Bush 2, and on the state level by the Tea Party class of 2010. No industry can produce when an entire generation of random slashing of the income stream occurs. It is beyond belief that some people expected Obama could fix 30 years of cuts in 8 years while also battling the second great depression to be caused by the rich on Wall Street.

Sadly, many studies have shown that community based programs, when combined with strong peer support, stable and affordable access to treatment, and stable housing work. In fact, they work so well that many mental health consumers – even those with the most severe illnesses – are able to live independently, work, raise families, and give back as volunteers to a range of causes.

Trust me, there are plenty of good companies out there with proven track records, just waiting to triple the number of group homes, sheltered workshops, supported apartments, job coaches, life skills classes and more. They need CASH, and that would require Americans to elect politicians who will tax businesses and the wealthy and who will pass budgets that put more money into cutting waste and the Department of HealthHuman Services than they spend on campaigning.

The solution is as close as the next ballot box.
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