Are you Roman Catholic? If so, the Pope wants you!

Your Pope, Francis, has called for a synod (meeting) on marriage and family, and YOU get to voice your opinions, thoughts, and results of whatever study or experience you have!

Bishops in England have set up an online survey for Roman Catholics accross the country, please ask at your parish for the link.

In the US, the confrence of bishops has said it will follow “usual procedure” whatever that is. (Since there has not been a synod involving lay Romans in my lifetime, you may have to ask some older folks who remember Vatican II).


Make sure to ask at your parish if there will be an online survey, like England, parish meetings, diocese wide events, or if you should submit your written responses via email or letter! The comment collection is already open…so check on this on Sunday!


Everyone, please feel free to forward this, share this, copy and paste into email, or spread out the news however you can so all Roman Catholics can have a chance to respond to the Holy Father’s invitation to speak up!


All people of faith will be keeping your church in prayer during this time, including me and everyone at Not All Catholics Are Roman, But All Catholics Are One!