“Hushhhhh” she said
As she nuzzled her nose close to my ear
“Hushhhh….It’s ok, I’m here….”
Soft baby soft whisper voice
Carried on this slight breeze
Tickling my tiny hairs
In my ears

My world is upended
My human is gone
He cried inside when
They took me away…

Why did they take me away?

It is dark in my world
Only bits of random light or color
On the edges
I bump into …

The man who took me
Carried me everywhere
Hugged me close
But he needed me
More than he could…
Care for my blind
Invalid bones.

The woman cradles me
Her voice, that whisper…
“Hushhh…rest now …”
And she pulls the
Blanket that smells
Of her and
Booker’s human
Of the curious boy
That appeared and vanished

I wonder, did I dream him?

The blanket is pulling
Me down to sleep
The warmth seeps into
My aching old bones
And quiets them…

She resumes the soft
Tuneless humming
That tells me
She is getting sleepy too

Booker and his human
I smell them nearby
Here in the room that I think has no floor
Just soft springy cushion

Hear the machine
Softly pushing air
Into the man.
I had a toy like him once
My human put the air
In with his mouth
Was it a ball?
So long ago now…

“Hushhhh…It’s ok…
It’s ok…you are safe here…”
The tuneless humming resumes
As I hear Booker’s snore
Muffled by his “blankie”

He’s the one
Who taught me
That here
If you are in the tiny room
That seems to be all walls
It is ok
To go on the paper
But if I don’t feel paper
Under my feet
I should hide

I wonder
Why doesn’t he like a bath?

I feel her fingertips
Brush softly against my ears.

It isn’t home.
Without my human.
She is right
It is safe
And warm.

I have no idea
Why I am
A hospice dog…
Right now…

It’s ok….

(C) 2013 Brenda Eckels Burrows