Much is being made of the anticipated meeting between Orthodox leaders and the Roman Pope Francis I, just as several months ago much was made of various joint statements and talks between Episcopal Churches in Europe and the leader of the Union of Utrecht Old Catholics.

While it would be wonderful to see all the orthodox leaders together, and to see the Vatican led churches also represented, it simply won’t be true unity unless every single bishop from every single Catholic Church from every corner of the world come together with the laity sending them and accompanying them. Anything less is a wonderful step forward in ecumenical efforts, but hardly complete….

We are all sitting here, waiting and praying for the day Jesus Christ, the leader of our Hearts and Souls, is risen

If we truely want May 2017 to mark a visible event of The One Holy Catholic And Apostolic Church, then we all have work to do, holding regional and “family” synods and councils now….and building bridges to national and continental synods and councils in the next few years….who is willing to stop preaching and start gathering?