A Lament From An Unwilling Job
By Brenda Eckels Burrows, aMGC

Home sick all day
Even moving from bed to couch was

These are the days no one sees.

Only yesterday I was walking, talking, and eating fine.
Everyone sees those days.

Two weeks ago,
I moved furniture
Everyone saw.

Today I am reduced to reading a bit,
sips of water, crackers nibbled,

These are the days no one sees.

But anything more has proved
A task an Aging Supernova
Can not master.

Even trying to work on the computer,
The writing which is the only source of new funds
Requires the ability to sit up.

These are the days that no one sees.

And there is every chance that tomorrow
I will wake up not feeling great,
(There is no feeling great in this club)
But able to walk around
hiding what’s left of my discomforts.

And some idiot will sit there and question why:

my garden isn’t done,
the backyard cleaned up,
the repairs on the drainage ditches finished,
The storage units consolidated yet,

And the bank account and pantry bare.

I will shrug, pick up my apron,  shovel, or hammer,
Keep working until dark,
Same as every other farmwife
That has ever had 30 square feet of land.

My love
(Member of the same club)
is already exhausted,
as he has had the puppies,
and errands today.

Neither of us will be up late tonight.

The pumpkin strains to escape its tub
Longing for the sweet open ground
The grapes and blueberries
Sit in the nursery packages
Wondering if “garden”
Is really just a fable

No one sees the days like this.

This tablet feels like
It weighs a hundred pounds.
Come puppy…
Curl up with Mommy, and let’s rest…..


#invisibledisabilitiessuck #gastroperesis #multiplesclerosis

(C) 2014