So, between the extra trips to new doctors, rising gasoline costs, the truely frightening skyrocketing food prices, and unexpected bills to deal with taking care of our son, well, let’s just say that the wedding buget got hit. Then over the winter, as each snowstorn hit it took longer for me to recover from the shoveling, ice chipping, etc so I didn’t work nearly as much as I needed to.

Good news, there are actually lenders out there lending. Bad news, low income folks like us do not get good interest rates or terms. So, while some valuable protections and services got used for our son, and Brian has an additional layer of protection from the domestic violence he has survived, our wedding budget got hammered,

First thing on the chopping block was the professional photo booth. This was a tough one for me because there is nothing that screams Victoriam Steampunk more than having those cute airship pilots, adventurers, noblemen and women in fancy dress, a mysterious woman from India – the far continent, an unusual cowboy from the wild west, with maybe just one railroad man turned inventor – all mugging for that newfangled invention the camera, complete with props on little sticks of funny mustaches, weird hats, and spectacles.

As one spectator commented; “It was enough to send a bride to be fainting in her tight fitted corset, fearing the worst boredom and ennui would occur during that time after the wedding when guests simply must be allowed a few amusements and a few choice tidbits until the formal photos are taken!”

Riding to the resue on his spectacular metal steed, that mysterious cowboy/adventurer from the colonie’s wild west, the groom, could not bear to see his intended so distressed, and after consulting with other makers, came up with a solution.


By jove! Of course, Brian got it perfectly, as not only will it be quite inexpensive to build, but it shall also serve to provide a way for those friends and relations unable to attend to be represented in pictures! The time and expense will especially be minimal, since the bride is a maker of fair renown by herself, and in possesion of a goodly number wallpaper rolls, paint, and oddly enough several pieces of wood for building walls.

And sure enough, Mistress Boo from the Helping Hands Emporium soon had staff assemble a most delightful series of frames for the photo booth wall, along with a set of lovely photo presentation folders by which the guest could leave a name and address to have photographs sent to them with the nuptial couple’s most sincere thanks.

“A Post must be made immediately for Help Wanted!” Went out the cry, and so here it is:

While this photo isn’t exactly what we will have, as neither bride or groom are sure it is exactly safe for our older relations and children to dangle so dangerously, they both hit on this being the perfect way to incorporate those of the family who cannot travel so far as Milton, NH.

The day, well the photobooth at least, will be saved if we could impose on just two or three enterprising veterans of either the Hull High School Musical Theatre Program, The West High School Threatre Knights, or some similar dramatic company to lend us technical assistance, muscle and hammer, and a willingness to earn what meager funds they can afford to act as the attendent/photographer for the day.

The happy couple can and will, of course, provide a few accessories beyond a dress shirt and pants, but of course if the candidate should wish to create his own steampunk ensemble, well – so much the better!

All interested parties so inclined to provide assistance with the aforementioned photo booth, please email

Thank you!