Yep, looked up from the invitations and satin still waiting to be sewed together, only to discover that I now have competition in my own home!

I introduce to you…

OK, OK, yeah I am just so proud of him! *sniff* He actually is doing this to help me raise awareness of the need for canine hopsice homes.  Just because you get old and crippled, and your Human can’t take care of you or stay living where you can be with them…well, it doesn’t mean that you should be put to sleep.  Hospice for dogs is just like hospice for people.  Brian and I try our best to keep him comfortable, avoid doing any extreme medical procedures, and when the end of his life gets closer, stay with him 24/7 until he passes away. 

While I am more than willing to help anyone who wants to start one, I cannot do it.  I can not add another hat onto my head.

Besides, I have a lot of other changes to be writing here about in the next few days…might as well let Bo have the spotlight for a bit!

Take care!