Wealthiest 400 Americans Now Worth Record $2.3 Trillion

How much did they collectively pay in taxes last year?
To those who are given much, much is required…

$1 Trillion in taxes sounds reasonable to me, and would help balance the budget a lot better.

And don’t tell me how hard it it would be for them to survive  on $1.3 Trillion in net worth.

If I can be ordered by the government to be limited to $2,000 in net worth, the rich can be ordered to be limited to half of what they have. Skip some caviar already.

Obscene. $2.3 trillion in the hands of 400 people while billions lay dying in abject poverty.
A list of shame. No one human needs even the millions of the 400th person.
Every penny they have over what they need…you can secure your future with under $1 million. Anything over that is greed, pure and simple, and those addicted to greed should be taxed into a more moral state of being.

Sad, sad, sad….