woman_victorian_webHmmmm…this broken body…that has battled fibromyalgia and PTSD since the early 1990’s, multiple sclerosis and a whole lot more since 2006….actually made it to 48 years old today.

God is full of surprises!

And I am grateful to God for the gift of still being here, and even still able to walk, talk, and write. I am grateful for the close to 2,000 members of my Facebook & Google + circle/ group, Not All Catholics Are Roman…But All Catholics Are One for being brave enough to stand up for the belief that there is much more that unites our different Catholic Churches than the things that have too often divided us. I am grateful to the friends and family that have stood by my ex Brian and I, as well as our son Jamie, as we each recover from the wreckage of the storms these past months. I am grateful for the love that Brian and I shared, and the love and respect that I hold for him still. I am profoundly grateful to my church family at Rumney Marsh Fellowship, to Bishop David Dismas, and Deacon Robert Lefebre. I am grateful beyond words for my brothers and sisters in my Franciscan religious order, The Mercy of God Community, without whom I would not be here “doing ministry” today.

I am grateful that God has set me, since last fall, on a new path, and I am traveling right now with a group of pilgrims as diverse and welcome as any Chaucer could have chosen. I can’t wait to write all the stories down as we move along.

God is good. While I am most certainly still often on the walk to Calvary, I have more days to live, more ways to serve Him, and more help along The Way than I could have ever imagined having.

Happy Birthday to me….

Thank You to everyone who has sent me messages, posted, called, and written. Truly, you have made this birthday special.

Oh yeah…the birthday surprise….well, of course:

biflag_withwordsThere.  This time I am not ever going back in the closet again.  Time to be real and honest of who I am in everything.  Enjoy the cake folks, and don’t get ice cream on the carpet!

Take care,

Brenda  Ann Eckels, aMGC