Eventually, if you disappear long enough, people begin to think you are dead.  Especially when you disappear for the better part of a year.  And especially when you have been dragging yourself around in a body wracked with multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, gastroenteritis, fibromyalgia, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

If you disappear immediately after what should have been the happiest day of your life, with miles and miles of Facebook posts, photos, and videos, well….

…..lots of people think you are dead.

Having recently begun to actually be healthy enough to go OUT of hospital and other such beds, I have to date manage to scare the bejeezus out of 10 people who honestly thought I was dead.

It’s a very long story, but parts of it will be showing up here: brianandbrendsittininatree.wordpress.com

Enjoy.  Glad to be back.

woman_victorian_webBrenda Ann Eckels, aMGC

Brenda The Writer