So, gradually my new apartment is turning into something livable, as I race to be able to have it complete and ready for Booker and I to actually live like normal folks do in September sometime.  Fall_Home_Improvement

Along the way, my 65 year old adoptive Dad, who has two fake knees and is legally blind, and I have slowly been firing up the 30 year old pickup and getting as much out of storage as we feel we can reasonably handle unloading.  Most of the time, that means he is sitting down, handing me stuff, which I then wheel down to the apartment door and into the living room which is, right now, better known as “SHIPPING AND RECEIVING”.

Up until a week ago, I was also sometimes getting help from Brian, which with his back meant that I had to schlep even more of the stuff myself, but on the flip side he can see fairly well, especially if he actually wears his glasses, so I avoided the post by the door a lot more often when we teamed up.  Both men enjoyed laughing at my expense, and both cringed and offered to call 911 each time they heard a “thwack!”

Now however, Brian is out of commission, and his car isn’t doing to hot either.  So at this rate, roughly a 1/2 pickup truck load every two weeks or however long it takes us to recover, I figure we will have my 10×20 storage unit empty around….Easter?

Suffice to say, home decorating hasn’t been high on the list, but sometimes when you are on bed rest, scrap booking helps fill the time.

MyBarSign08252015So…the wall mural “Sassy Ladies” for my bar is hung up, although not finished yet as Brian has all the stencils for the lettering in the mutual scrapbook tool bag that floats between our houses.

Still, it is nice to see one little corner has a little of my personality in it.  Next up is my prayer table…well, once that part of the living room floor is cleared.

Back to bed….

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