eroosevelt_horrorIt is miserable to be on bed-rest alone, probably one of the most miserable ways to be ill. But God finds ways to make it more bearable for me.

I was frustrated at first, because the appointments I had today were important, but by 7am, having been woken up by pain at 5, it was obvious I wasn’t going anywhere today. Considering I went out two days in a row, and both pretty long – over 4 hours, with more than one stop – I can’t say I wasn’t too surprised.

Back in bed now, having finished my late lunch of a turkey and American cheese (soy of course) sandwich.

I counted out what I had left of my package, and carefully wrapped up 3 slices of soy turkey lunch-meat for October and 4 slices for Thanksgiving. This month extra expenses mean I will eat from the pantry and freezer for the most part, although if things get too lean I can use the gift card a charity gave me. I am trying to save the $10 gift card for a grocery store so I can have a Thanksgiving meal worth inviting people over to.

I now get to turn over, rest the other hip and knee, let the other side of my abdomen get a break, take a nap.

This evening, however promises to be more interesting, as I have both a victorian_woman_reading1Time Magazine issue and a saved post from Not All Catholics Are Roman to read. The latter is just the kind of meaty, filling reading that can keep me from being too lonely.

One paragraph from the Roman’s midterm report on the synod they hare having with the other Vatican led churches, along with 6 pages of commentary and biblical references and interpretation by a fantastic theologian to go with it. By tonight, I am willing to bet there will be more commentary added, and us Catholics will be having our own little discussions, debates, and building more into the Midrash of Catholicism in our tiny little corner.

prayer_deskThese are such exciting times, with the Convergence movements, the various Fellowships and Synods among the denominations that make up Our Church. I am glad God has let me live to see the day that Orthodox, Roman, and Independent Catholics gather and share, discuss, talk, pray for each other and support each other.

Oh, there are still Roman Rad Trads who send the occasional death threat, and the not so occasional “you are going to hell” nonsense, but there are many, many more Romans and others who are changing and coming together in ways no one could have imagined even 3 years ago. It is humbling to see it happening in my tiny little corner, with such a little group of ad hoc volunteers to help me.

Yep, portioning out my 15 slices of lunch meat to last 4 months….it’s worth it.

Part of me can’t wait for the day we get to have them on Skype group video, and to have those videos re-broadcast on our YouTube channel at But the other part of me, in my pj’s and messy bed head hair, is happy those days aren’t here yet!

Take Care,