The Election is still a year away, but already I am Farmhouse-Pig-tinyGraphicsFairysick of the piles of manure so high it keeps getting into my hip waders.

However every so often I get to read something and it actually turns out to be true, and I make a small realization about the entire thing.  Today was one of those days.

I caught this from an article about Jim Webb:

“Webb also cited reports that less than 400 families nationwide are responsible for almost half the money raised in the 2016 presidential campaign — an unprecedented concentration of political donors.”

You can read it here.

All I wanted to do at that moment was yell out

“HEY! YOU! yeah, you 400 families that want to buy our election, I’ll use a wonderful British term – PISS OFF”

And I found myself thinking “If a SuperPAC is listed even once for a candidate…yeah, not voting for that guy or gal.”

Oh my.  I’ve been a Democrat all my life, although I was never opposed to the other parties, and every so often would vote for someone who wasn’t wearing a pin with a blue donkey on it. 

Then of course, The Bushes came, wrecked our American way of life, destoyed thousands of lives, got a bunch of our soldiers killed for the amusement of Dick “Shoot ‘Em All” Cheney, and of course sold drugs to buy guns to topple other elected governments, and brought corruption on Wall Street right into our empty kitchens where once upon a time we had this stuff called healthy food.

I have tried for years to find one, just one GOP candidate who could possibly be considered good for our community or our country, and with the exception of some town fellows and the Log Cabin Republicans, such a thing was pretty hard to find.

That was when I became pretty firmly entrenched in Democrat life, and ….once upon a time…thought we’d….

I’m sorry, Hillary.

This has to end.

We have to elect people who are going to shut down these 400 richest families (see Waltons AND Koch, etc), make superpacs illegal again, and get rid of this notion that “corporations are people”.

Like any breakup, it hurt.  But, amazingly not as long as I had thought it would.  After all, I knew no sane voter in America wanted Bill Clinton anywhere near the White House, and she was taking so damn long to file those divorce papers!

But that wasn’t today’s big moment of realization.  No as I read more, I began to see the pattern developing even this early in the game.

No wonder Bernie and Webb are doing so well on one side, and Trump on the other…they don’t take SuperPac money….. he’s the only one using his own money, …. and GOP-ers don’t have, apparently, anyone else running who is refusing to take bribes….BANG! There it was! Realization!

The last time Republicans had only one choice a lot of them said no and voted Democrat. Well, That's Interesting!God I hope I am wrong about the GOP choices.  I am already suspect that Trump may have “drunk from the poisoned well” but no one noticed…It almost makes me feel bad for the average Republican who sits with his coffee wondering what the hell happened to his party.  Oh well, there are 5 Democrats, all those Republicans that didn’t get on FOX NEWS, Independents, and maybe even a Green party candidate.  No time to waste on what those poor Republicans are going to do, or mourning over the relationship that just didn’t work out with Hillary.  I have to go read up on who I want to watch this winter!   (Psst! Feel free to share my moment of realization about the election for today if you wish, but, hey give me the credit for opening up GIMP, ok?)

It’s going to be a long winter here in New Hampshire, I think, but at least there is plenty of manure to burn to keep warm….

Take care,