So I wanted to post a footer with my GoFundMe campaign…

First try:

Oh that is just a badge….doesn’t say much…


Oh that’s a bit better…or not…

try again


Oh, I give up….widgets are complicated at 9pm after a long busy day.

Yes, I need a new smartphone.  I especially need a smartphone with a bigger screen, and enough power to run my medical apps.  But mostly this is the desperate attempt to get something that doesn’t give me ophthalmic migraines and doesn’t have a duct tape holding it together and a cracked screen.

There is simply no budget in your average SSDI check for “hey! I need bigger letters and a bigger keyboard!” after rent, utilities, and for me, transportation to and from the medical team, labs, counselors etc.  I found a 7″ Blu refurbished Android phone for $90…that is about $30 more than my entire monthly budget for food for me and Booker.  So faced with not eating, or begging….

…. I am begging.  A dollar or two, and you can help me stay connected, stay writing, and stay able to see the caller ID and text messages.  On the Go Fund Me page I also talk about just one app and how I use it to manage gastroperesis.gastro_explanation2

Praying this works….better than the footer on this blog which doesn’t work at all *sigh*. My tummy hurts from trying to understand widgets…..

Take care,