Hedge Fund Manager raises the price on a $13 pill to $750 overnight JUST FOR PROFITS.money_100s

What was that GOP? That having our medical care in the hands of WALL STREET would be good for “us”?

OH, you meant 20-something wunderkind stock and pharmaceutical market manipulators making big bucks! And the 1%-ers that invest in companies run by folks like this!

That’s the “US” you were talking about when you said it was good for Wall Street to run medical care!OldPhotoLadiesinLineGraphicsFairy1

Ummm, GOP, just letting you know, that the “US” who are the USA taxpayers are actually greater in number than the “US” 1%-ers and hedge fund managers and Wall Street scum. Especially the “US” who are female and tried of your old white men, a token female who is a failed and fired Executive, and token blacks and Latinos who have NOTHING in common with “us” as we struggle to balance budgets, raise kids, grow old, and stay alive on SSI or SSDI and what passes for a GOP “social safety net”.

pretend_liesYour misleading way of saying something is good for “us”….when what you really mean is the other “us” … that pretending to be oh so perfect… while you mean “us” as in your rich friends and your Wall Street scum…. Really, dear GOP, this may have something to do with why you keep losing the big elections…   ….. every four years.

Just sayin’….

Take care,

Brenda The Writer

My thanks to Andrew Pollack at the NY Times for writing the article and getting it past the editors. My thanks to the Health Care Reform Act which has at least some price controls in it already.  First order of business, make sure my congress-people know I want MORE price controls so scum like this get shut down. Thanks also to The Graphics Fairy.