Walmart strikes again. *sigh*

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Walmart was awful to work for in the early 2000’s, and they are awful to work for now. Check out this latest thing they are doing to make employees lives miserable.

Every story you ever heard about Walmart – women not getting promoted, illegal aliens working the janitor jobs thru shadow companies set up by Walmart,waltons35sidebar Bullying of suppliers with ridiculous demands…it is all TRUE.

In this latest fiasco, Walmart skirted the law requiring companies to pay for uniforms by creating a “dress code” of items that , gee are sold at Walmart….and then added a “Uniform” Vest.

So, after avoiding the law and burdening already low paid workers, Walmart decides to go a step further in the Creating Misery Department and paid a company in Jordan to make the new employee vests. 

The problem? well, they don’t get treated better in Jordan either…the workers making those vest complain of 20 hour workdays, not getting paid for months….you know, typical sweatshop “let’s see how many workers we can kill today” stuff.

prounionmemeHere in America, thousands of brave men and women fought battles to establish unions to stop that kind of stuff from happening here…well, at least until Regan and the GOP began a decades long attack on unions, moved millions of workers to either non-union salaried jobs, moved the jobs overseas to torture Jordanians, or just flat out threatened the workers they would be fired  for even thinking about having a union.

Not long ago, the GOP and the 1%-ers who own big stores like Walmart just got the supreme court to declare corporations were people, and then took the profits they made and bought elections.  And they are not the only guilty party.  (HI Target Stores!  Yep, You got caught bribing a candidate with $150,000!)

Walmart’s excuse?  Americans workers couldn’t produce the proper amount of vests in a fast enough time.  false_wordmapWHAT AN INSULT!  American Garment workers are dedicated and very good at what they do.  Walmart just insulted thousands of US workers! 

Worst of all, the US workers and suppliers could have easily have had the vests made here in the US. IF Walmart had been willing to pay a decent fair price!  Walmart JUST DIDN’T WANT TO PAY US American Workers DECENT WAGES!  If American Apparel can make ONE MILLION garments a week in ONE factory in California, I think they could have handled your measly Vest problem, Walmart.

So, long ago, after being totally fed up with how the Six Waltons, Target’s owners, and  the other 1%-ers, to treat us Americans as if we are nothing but mules for their bidding and hard labor, I decided to change.

Yes, it costs a bit more, and yes, they are not perfect, but I am silovesearsticking with KMART and SEARS when I have to buy new, thrift shops, pawn shops, and flea markets when I can, and MARKET BASKET for my food, thank you very much.

ilovekmartKmart isn’t perfect but:

lovemarketbasketAs for Market Basket…well you have to read about the amazing takeover by employees, customers, and Arthur T. to get the true historic sense of how the company runs.  According to a 2013 study by Consumers’ Checkbook, Market Basket’s prices were on average about 20% lower than their competitors. The employees at the 74 stores start off with a wage over the minimum, as much as $12 an hour.  They have had a profit sharing plan forever, and employees also receive benefits, including healthcare and paid sick leave.

nowalmartANYONE who walks into a WALMART and buys anything other than the double marked down clearance is getting ripped off, and is making America’s problems worse.

The Waltons, Target, and the other 1%-ers  need to start being taxed on their fortune.  In The case of the 6 Waltons who daily make a mockery of everything their father stood for? They should pay for every food stamp, every medicaid bill and every other welfare benefit that is paid to the workers! Let’s just make it simple. And if your “dress code” happens to be legal, that doesn’t make it right to make low paid struggling workers shell out money for certain clothing that you just happen to sell.

They and all the other 1%-ers making over $1 Million a year, flat income tax rate of 35%, no deductions except for charities NOT owned or controlled by them!

STOP The Waltons. Go To Kmart, Sears, Thrift and Pawn Shops, ANYWHERE else.

If you have to go there because they have killed all the other stores in your area, only buy after they double mark down.

Let those stores fill with unsold merchandise until they CHOKE AND PONY UP THE MONEY!

woman_victorian_webTake care,

Brenda The Writer Fighter and Voter