“Why do you keep that?”

“Oh God, you still have that? Why?”

Gather ’round my little chickens, I will tell you!

My bedroom décor is all designed around 3 things: A beautiful sort-of-Indian-or-Persian armoire I inherited from one of my kids, Leah, the sewing machine table, and the white eyelet full bed ensemble, complete with matching eyelet trimmed scarves for the armoire and pretty much any other flat surface in the room not devoted to sewing and crafting.

One Billion Chinese Sweatshops Can’t Be Wrong…The Invincible 301 can last as long as cars do in Cuba!

The armoire? Well, it is now in the process of being fixed up to replace the missing pull knobs and eventually stained to match the cherry / mahogany color of the wood on the sewing machine table and, well, virtually every othe

r flat surface in the room. I got it a year ago, and Lord knows how long Leah had it.


My Grandparents Watts bought the white eyelet bedding when they finally admitted that it was time to stop climbing up and down the stairs to go to bed. We are talking at least a decade old.

The sewing machine is Gramma’s Singer 301 she got sometime when my mother was in grade school in the 1950’s.

One of the knickknacks is a “Tiffany Store” blue satin box with a ribbon trim that my Grandma Watts had for….well, I think I was 5 when I noticed it. It holds my long bead necklaces.

All my life, until she died, the satin box held the pink ribbon with the baby doll’s head in the center that was was wrapped around one of my grandmother’s new baby gifts when she had my Mom in the 1940’s. That – the ribbon and doll head – is decorating a shadowbox that contains some of my doll collection.

My bio family – well, at least the ones like me and my grandparents – we think in terms of decades when it comes to deciding what to make or buy. This is partly because, as we are experiencing now, Great Depressions happen. You might as well be ready for the next one by already having that thing you will need or want during it. It was also partly because all my life, the things we used or hung up and treasured weren’t always the expensive things. They were the things that had been handed down to us by Aunt So and So or made by my Great Grandmother.

I spent a lot of time praying and working to get a place to live without roommates that allowed me to have my dog with me this past year. Needless to say, a LOT of my time spent on bedrest this summer was devoted to thinking about what I was going to do for curtains, bedding, fabrics, dishes, tools, and whatnot that I had either in storage or at the cabin with Brian, or with me where I was.

I was seriously hoping to never, ever, ever have to move again. In my mind, I would mentally go over the list of curtains, bedding, etc, dreaming of storage space and carefully and slowly unpacking and arranging the memories of my family, friends, myself. When you are in bed 23 out of 24 hours for weeks on end, trust me, you will do anything to occupy your brain.

Home Sweet Home…

It has been a few months, and the place is starting to really feel like home. The curtains for the bedroom are finished, for example. They are a lovely seersucker white fabric with all over floral design, trimmed with the white eyelet from the dust ruffle whose center had rotted away from age and use. The fabric is perfect, adding just the right amount of color to the deep dark mahogany wood and the stark white bed. That print fabric was from one of the twin beds that were set up in my Grandparent’s second floor bedroom when they moved downstairs. Not quite as old as the white eyelet, but close enough.

See? Not only do I now have the most perfect curtains for my bedroom, but I still have one twin bedspread left just in case I ever get tired of the white eyelet! In the middle of a Great Depression! For free, leaded with wonderful happy memories!

woman_victorian_webThat is why we keep things.

Take care, Brenda