Arabic word for “Peace” : Salam

frenchflagThere were so many words about Paris, about the refugees, about all of it going through my head…In the end, other than a fb discussion about the difference between ISIS and Islam, none of the words could come together in a way that encompassed all my feelings that we have just experienced the same event that in my grandmother’s time started WWI. Then I saw I didn’t have to write anything, for a far better writer than I had already taken my thoughts and captured them. Thank you so much David Concepcion, my friend.

arabic word for peace

Theology in Action

I think we are all reeling from the late night attacks on Paris that have only recently been claimed by ISIL. When these attacks happen, I’m not sure what people think. I know I feel numb at how senseless all this violence can be, the damage it causes and the recriminations and violence it can spur from then on. While I know this blog talks about spirituality and theology, at times like these it feels like prayers are not enough. Keeping Parisians in our hearts are good, but I feel like I want to donate blood and mail it overseas. The situation is compounded with the refugee crisis in Europe. We need to hold all of Europe in our hearts, and take a long range look to see how we may tackle the root causes of terror and war.

I offer this poem by Karuna Ezara Parikh seen a lot…

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