psychiatristsIf you are on New Hampshire Medicaid, you most often have to pick a managed care program.

Because the wingnuts currently in our legislature keep threatening and filing bills to throw out the Health Care Reform Act and the Medicaid Expansion, however, few companies are willing to spend the $40,000 to prepare a plan for the state.  This means that Medicaid NHmcm-logomembers this year had only two choices: Wellsense and NH Healthy Families.

Amazingly, it is the supposedly pro-business GOP wingnuts in Concord who create this anti-business atmosphere.  If they would all shut up, or better yet get swept out of office next election, they would find more companies willing to put together plans for New Hampshire, and the more free market competition there is, the more money the state is likely to save.

However, Supporting Free Market Capitalism seems to be the ultimate sin for the GOP today, because the only way to do it with health care is to shut up and leave Obamacare and Medicaid Expansion alone, like the Supreme Court ORDERED them to.

This is a brain. Legislators don’t understand that neurologists and psychiatrists are both brain specialists. They should be paid the same.

wellsense_logoSo, off I went, and having such little choice, I chose Wellsense.  beacon_logo

At that point I discovered that the mental health care had been sold by Wellsense to a company called Beacon.

Sighing a little at a Boston Medical Center non-profit outsourcing so quickly, especially considering the near failing grade NH has in mental health care, I went ahead and decided to test the waters with Beacon, and see if they are made of the right stuff to truly fix any part of our broken mental health system.

Email #1 sent 12/30/15.  I will post later and link here when I get the response.  Please, no accusations I soft peddled.  I purposely only threw three softballs at them. Let’s give them a chance.

Hi I just signed up for Wellsense through NH Easy.  I am  also on CFI-chronic illness waiver. I have recently been approved  for CFI-mental health waiver through Medicaid.

Lots of questions, but first up:

Pain clinics all over the state keep recommending people take a Cognitive Behavioral Class to help manage pain.  Because I used to run a 501c3 charity that helped members find resources in NH, they keep calling me asking if I know where there are classes.

I already got the same advice from a pain clinic 23 months ago and discovered that NONE of the so called mental health agencies in the state actually offer CBT classes.

I DID take a CBT class, which was I believe once a week for 6 weeks when I lived in Massachusetts through Harvard Pilgrim HMO.  It did a lot for my mental health and for my fibro pain.  I still needed meds, but not as many.

The group interaction works much better than the MH agencies trying to teach CBT one on one in expensive counseling sessions. It also eats up so much time, they can’t actually get any counseling done.

Are YOU guys willing to pay for a CBT class if I find a space and a social worker who will teach it?  I have several locations in Strafford County that will let Wellsense (as a nonprofit) use space for free.  So, all you would pay for is marketing, materials, and the teacher fee.

Next: You know there is a massive shortage of psychiatrists.  I am a freelance writer and public speaker. Would your company help sponsor me to take a trip to colleges in Boston to talk to first year med students about why they should consider psychiatry?

The state of NH doesn’t even have a single person doing recruiting, so I am also interested in going to colleges to talk to new psychiatrists about the benefits of living in New Hampshire, and ways they can balance the low reimbursement rates by offering alternate services and products (like sharing office space with massage therapists, or a self help bookstore that also sells home therapy items like mini zen gardens.)

Last, who in your company is up in Concord and in Washington bugging the politicians to raise reimbursement rates?  Can I get some tips from them on bullet points to bring up when emailing and talking to those wingnuts?

More questions, but this is a good start.

Email is best at  Office/Home is 207-xxx-xxxx (yes, it’s NH) and I am “open” Mondays, Wednesdays 10 to 4pm and Fridays 10am to 3pm.

Thanks, Looking forward to you serving my MH needs, and working with you,

Brenda Eckels Burrows, aMGC

Well, let’s see what happens!

woman_victorian_webTake care,

Brenda The Writer