Interesting fact for today…Green Party: “The number of monthly sustainers has skyrocketed by 70% in the last 8 months….”

That is a growth rate of people making automatic monthly donations that is very close to what Bernie Sanders had.

Meanwhile automatic monthly donations by human beings is plummeting in both the Republican and Democratic parties. If they were not taking money from super PACs and corporations, both would be having problems flooding our airwaves and the Internet with advertisements.

The bad news is that there are also humans who are putting money into neo-nazi groups, tea party fundamentalists, and other fringe extreme right groups as well.

This bears watching, because we could easily end up with an excellent third party in 2016 or we could easily end up with a Iran style theocracy or a Hitler in 2020.

If larger numbers of human beings in this country are putting their own money behind Bernie and the Green Party than in the “big guys” what will happen on Election Day?

Super PACs and corporations do not have the right to vote. Only humans do.

Trump is a joke and everyone knows it. No one in the Republican Party is coming forward WikiLeaks style to admit who would actually be running things if he were to win.

Hillary’s campaign is relying on super PACs, corporations, banks, and a core group of female voters who are not aware that she is not the only female candidate.

Are Americans starting to educate themselves that the advertisement glut is just super rich puppeteers trying to pull their strings?

Or come election day will they just be lazy and check off the name they know the best because it has been playing on the airwaves the most?