camping-thumbIdiots. So the mayor in San Francisco tours a new homeless shelter that is a glorified tent with everyone sleeping in one room on mats on the floor, (thanks to taxpayers who don’t care that 80 year old widows have a hard time getting down on them) while ordering the people living on the streets in tents (where they have privacy and often cots off the cold ground)  to leave.

It just opened, and the night he toured, there were only two open beds. It is full. Not even  a month old, and it is full.
Better Ideas:

  1. Putting porta potties and a source of clean drinkable water in the tent city. Have the health inspector show up each week with specially trained social workers
  2. letting the guy with the wooden homemade tiny house on wheels with a futon etc PARK his home inside your new “big tent” instead of making him give it up. He built homes for 43 people! Get him a workshop! Put him in business! Find some land for him to create a village!
  3. providing free mass transit to and from this out in the boonies area you decided to hide your homeless in so tourists and residents can pretend they don’t exist.
  4. use some of those fancy suburbs with lots of parks? Start foreclosing on companies that are behind on taxes, and give a tax credit to any property owner who provides housing like a tiny house for a homeless person.
  5. Get realistic about the AMERICAN refugees, because that’s what homeless are, and start realizing that SF needs to open 800 bed shelters and lots of low income housing in at least 5 neighborhoods of San Francisco a year.  Every Year.

Your total homeless count is closer to 20,000 than 200, Mr. Mayor.

America still has plenty of land in almost every area of the country. San Francisco COULD have set aside one area of that land for folks to bring their tents, provided porta potties and drinking water, and a meal service.  The other half of that land they could have a modular based 4 story integrated homeless center with on site health care, psych care, addiction programming, hairdressers, chiropractors, case managers, grant writers, and, much better meal services for 300. There could be units for medically complex homeless, families, women, men, couples. Then as the folks in tents moved in, they could take THAT land and build an apartment building with maybe 100 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units with subsidized rent and one year of continued support from the services in the first building.

Instead, 80 people will look up at soaring ceilings and pray the plastic tent doesn’t leak.  At the very least, have the decency to let them put their own tents up inside!

So why did they take this cheap route that within days was already full, leaving the people who went there stranded from stores, city services, a damn bus to get to work?

BECAUSE the 813,471 San Franciscans counted by San Fransisco Realators who are NOT homeless ..those who have a medium income of $77,734 a year…

THOSE San Franciscans are Greedy, Self Serving, Not In My Backyard, Hateful Selfish people who only call city hall if (God Forbid!) they have to step over or around the lower class while talking on $600 smart phones holding an expensive coffee!

So citizens of San Francisco, are you proud of yourselves?

13.3% of the IRS census of 2014 of SF Francisco’s population of 852,469 lived in poverty. How many were homeless? Hard to tell because we don’t have a national, coordinated, supervised way to count them!homelessSanfrancisco1

The worst way to count homeless is the point in time count used by most states. You can read San Francisco’s here.  Point in time counts only catch  some urban street homeless and the homeless who already won the lottery and made it into a shelter.

It misses the couch surfers, people living in woods, cars, broken down RV’s., abandoned buildings, hotels, rented garden sheds of rich people, and scores of young people under 18 who avoid shelters and cops like the plague.

So if the 2015 point in time count for San Francisco was 7,539, then the actual number is most likely three times that.  YES, the total of homeless or under-housed (like the guy renting a garden shed, not allowed rent receipts or ability to get mail sent to him) is more like 22,716 homeless humans in San Francisco. Well, that is the median estimate. The highest estimate is in the chart – 38,398.  Even the lowest estimate – 16,282 humans – shows how utterly inadequate the 80 bed shelter is to San Francisco. 

Even at the lowest estimate, The Mayor and the taxpayers would need to be opening a tent city with space for 8,141 plus 20 or more 400+ shelters just in the next year to handle the homeless that have NOW.  Each year, more women will become widows, more disabled folks will find it impossible to live on $700 a month SSI, more kids will age out of foster care with nowhere to go, and yes, a small percentage of the  homeless will be new addicts.

Every urban area is like this. Boston, New York, Dallas, Topeka, you name it.  Small towns have sometimes as many as 1 in 4 homeless being missed on the point in time count.

Many homeless face election laws that make it near impossible to vote, even if they are Veterans or kindly old grandmothers.

Once you disenfranchise a large number of people in a country, you have a far greater chance of those people speaking out the only way they can – with revolution.

If 5% of Americans decided to even do a peaceful strike, this country would be crippled as roadways became impassable because 15 MILLION humans would be blocking interstates.

If only the homeless with jobs went on strike, it would be thousands of clean, sober, respectable US citizens. 

A march of the under 18 homeless in any city would stagger the mind, and maybe make a few people cry to realize we have as many homeless kids as some small counries have humans.

Why isn’t America taking care of American citizens?  They are too busy debating the color of Starbucks cups.  They read an article about a new 80 bed shelter and think it is a “good thing”.

Wake up San Francisco. Wake up America.  We need thousands of units of shelter beds,thousands of transitional apartments, thousands of Tent cities and tiny home complexes. 

An 80 bed mega tent hiding the homeless way out in the boonies in a city where the median income is $77K?  That is not progress.  That is Example 1 of why Americans are considered the most self centered, selfish, greedy, uncaring people too much of the rest of the world.  A giant tent with mattresses on the floor for 80 of the 20,000+ homeless is news – it is a tragedy of epic proportions, being repeated in towns and cities all over the USA.

Here is more info on San Francisco. The % of homeless is close in every major urban city. Small Towns can have lower point in time, yet much larger actual homeless figures.