Keys & Locks Black Velvet

It is amazing how often
All these days later
Months really?
A thought escapes
That part of my brain
That holds memory

The odd moments
Some bit of us
In my new world
Like a key
Opening the door
To that part of my heart
That remains vowed to you

The warmth spreads
Of the life shared
The joy and love


Only to be shattered
By the cold wind
Of reality
The “I” that said those vows
Lying bleeding
On the cold ground
In a lean to
In cold dark woods

The “You” that proposed
That swore harsh that
August morning
“I would give up everyone, everything
To have this woman as my wife”
May in reality, have already
Been lobotomized
Victim of an evil Coven

Even though the
“I” who became
And the “You” who recovered
Had our second chance
Our gift from God,

I close the heart
Turn the key
Push the memory
Back in it’s locked drawer
And weep
Until the black
Widow’s velvet
Is wet with tears.

It is amazing
That with no grave
To lean upon
How quickly
The grief of the first day
You were lost forever
Comes crashing back
Even after all this time.

Just from a momentary
A snippet

Of who “We” were before.

Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC (c)2016