gopdropouts1Dr. Ben Carson, doctor turned politician…and of course the GOP token Black.

For all the bragging about how diverse the field was, guess who is left?  Uhhh, I believe that it is 4 white guys, but the Canadian might still be in it.

Ben Carson held some controversial beliefs:
1) Egyptians built the pyramids to store grain. 

Ewwww! They put the dead people in with the food supply? Ben you really believe that?
2) Satan encourages the lie of evolution.

One, it is not a lie. There is pretty damn good research that shows how certain pigeons in urban areas have evolved a to have a different pattern and color of their feathers to better blend in to the urban landscape.  There are at least 100 other examples in the National Geographic, the Smithsonian, and a bunch of peer reviewed medical journals.

Satan getting some benefit out of us knowing about evolution? Nope. Still able to believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ just fine, thank you.
3) Homosexuality is a choice.

Ben, if that is your personal belief, or one that got shoved down your throat in a church you like, hey, that’s fine.

MY Church says that the increasing medical, psychological, and genetic research only confirms what Jesus said about homosexuality.  Which was…Nothing.  Not part of His teachings at all.

None of which has to do with being President, because we have this separation of Church and State.  YOUR church can’t tell ME what to believe. We fought a war over that in 1776, remember?

4) Homosexuality is a side effect of going to prison.

Hello? Where did he come up with that one? I used to work with ex-cons, and while some were bisexual to begin with and migrated to straight out gay while inside, there is no evidence that merely being in prison – even if sexually assaulted – is going to change your DNA.

OK, aside from the, ahem, unusual beliefs that Doc had….Guess where he quit his campaign at?

An American Conservative Union meeting…They have as board members an actual female who has been allowed out of the kitchen.  Rumor has it she even gets to wear shoes. Kimberly Bellissimo, co-founder, President and CEO of Base Connect, “a direct mail fund-raising company that helps federal and state conservative candidates, conservative nonprofit groups”….YEAH, she is one of the people who killed THOUSANDS of trees just to clog the mailboxes of Iowa and New Hampshire that if you don’t vote for the GOP, Satan will bring you to a prison and turn you gay.   They also have The Honorable Ron Christie “American government relations expert and Republican political strategist” What’s more important is he was ALSO Deputy Assistant to Vice President Cheney…yeah, that Halliburton & Oil, “there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq”, back room deals, bad shot Dick Cheney.

Remember that nice black doctor who ran for President saying he was a different kind of Conservative? That he wasn’t one of those scary Tea Party types, or part of the old boy network?

So, is he going back to medicine? Nope. Already has himself a nice New job! Where?

National Chairman for My Faith Votes, an organization focused on mobilizing Christian voters. But only the voters who are Ultra Conservative Christians. And they are mobilized only to vote for candidates who are extreme conservatives and Fundamentalist Christians, part of SuperPacs and the old boy network that got us into the Iraq war, and got the Iraqi people nothing but misery and hardship after Dick Cheney got Halliburton hired to make money there.

Ben Carson quit his run for president at the annual meeting of a Super PAC full of….Tea Party and old boy network Republicans! 

To Go To Work at Another SuperPAC!  One that wants to shove the belief that Satan can make you think there never were dinosaurs and if your kid goes to prison you have to buy rainbow stickers!

My, how his attitude must have changed since he was first up here in New Hampshire!

Still believe that the Fundamentalist Extremist Christian side of the GOP wants a free America where you can vote as you wish and NOT according to KJV Bible quotes?

Think again.

He chose to quit the campaign trail at a Super PAC for Ultra Conservatives, to take a job at a Super PAC for extreme Fundamentalist Christian Conservatives.This is an excellent step forward for someone who may want to run again in the party of…..

Well the part of the GOP that has bastardized and twisted what REAL ordinary Republicans believe anyway. They have hijacked the GOP so they can keep pushing forward to create a theocracy like Iran and Isis. 

Dear God, where is John Glenn?! They didn’t kill him for speaking out against the Tea Party, did they?? Poor normal GOP members better get ready to vote black – as in a write-in campaign..

Tired of this game already.

Glad that this year you can vote Red, Blue, Black OR Green…. 🙂


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