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Alas, the heart wasn’t considered worth keeping,

As latex and underwires,
Chemical dyes and lies
Forbidden fruit, toxic ash
Favor from the sick coven
Cash from the wallet that has
A thousand strings

Turned out to be too seductive.

So the heart was left by the side of the road,
Victim of slander outrageously untrue,
Sobbing in a crude lean-to, in the rain.
Alone and cold, bruised by the harlot
And the coven’s blows
As much as by the words
“I will be back to get you, my love.”
Followed by the V-Twin roar
Fading in the dark.

Broken, shattered, it wandered lost
Leaving trails of blood and tears
Soon, everyone there forgot that heart
While others followed the trail of blood
Mile after mile
Wagering on how long
Before dinner….

Her love, fell so far,
But survived,
Almost too late,
He returned,
Sore with bloated goiter, scars anew.

The heart stayed hidden
With her love, away from
The harlot’s touch,
The eyes of the coven’s hands
And they healed together
Loved together
Prayed and danced together

Until the day the harlot crawled
Out of her Southern swamp
Sliding off her wedding ring
Reaching with bony, diseased fingers
And seduced again.

The heart
And for several moments
Didn’t beat at all.

Slowly the shards were picked up
The wolves fought off, sent away hungry
Cradled in hands of angels
Surgically sewn back together
Infused with platelets
Guarded in a secret ICU
Prayers ascended, tears fell
At the lifeless form, the tubes and wires

Time passed, hours, days, weeks

The heart beats, warm, steady
It stares steadily into a monstrance, praying,
And the Savior receives supplications
While the stitched together, scarred heart
Thu-thumps and pumps.

Still holding that one space in it sacred
For the One who made vows that morning
Just her, him, God’s representative on earth,
Her heart ever changed,

The heart still holds
That one sacred space
For the man, the best friend,
The coworker in God’s work…

She had stayed true to the entire time.

Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC