It is 11:30pm. Exhausted, but too wired, anxious, to sleep. Food went up. Again. A lot.

I went food shopping tonight, a 90 minute exhausting marathon in my wheelchair.

Because I usually buy the same stuff each month, and keep receipts, I do a quick list of what each item cost last month by ounce or pound, etc. At the store, as I am shopping, I do the same math, and compare it to see how much the real price has gone up. By going to price per ounce, etc the games with packaging, specials, etc are taken out.

The food has gone up about 2% since end of February. (I didn’t shop in March).

My $16 in food stamps now only buys me $15.60 worth of food.


My list that – in February – came to $66 total would cost $67.32. In my case, that meant I would have had to put back the 99 cent bag of veggies and the dented clearance .40 can of tomato sauce. No tomato sauce and pasta for a month. No peas or carrots for a month.

Money left on a Xmas gift card from my bio brother saved me. Thanks Jim….

I sat there in my wheelchair, thinking, “At 2% a month, food is rising even faster than I planned. Monsanto, etc…don’t they get it? That they are starving us?”

Or, maybe that is the point.

Rich corporations and the 1% don’t care about the price of food.

For the 1%, It is only .00012% of their income, although I can’t find the link to where I read that.

If they starve me to death, New Hampshire  taxpayers save maybe $20,000 a year in state and federal taxes for the 10 years or so I have left.

Unless I go in a county nursing home. Then they will have their taxes go up to around $44,000 a year for however long I can stand losing my dog, my home, my independence, and my right to sleep over my adoptive parent’s apartment any time I want.

NH taxpayers, American taxpayers, have elected people who cut and cut.

NH taxpayers, therefore, refused to build more nursing homes. They spent a decade refusing to build group homes and supported apartments for mental health consumers, got sued, and lost. They refused to raise the taxes on big corporations and the 1%, so they are paying the court ordered money by…cutting food stamps, Hearing aids, reading glasses, medications, medical supplies, daycare subsidies, welfare cash (that only families that work, go to school, or volunteer work can get), and every other program for…

The poor. The disabled. Children. The homeless. The hungry. The Widow. The Orphan. The Stranger, beaten and robbed lying in a ditch along the road.

American taxpayers have refused to put out more Section 8 vouchers or to increase them to match rents for a decade. Poor families, the disabled and elderly now often face 5-10 years on waiting lists. American taxpayers cut funding for school lunches, raised student loan interest rates and handed the money to big banks for years. American taxpayers cut funding to Medicare, to Meals on Wheels, and to hundreds of programs for education, health, and low income families. Then they took that smaller money for Meals on Wheels and handed it to private, for profit companies who now give out tiny trays of food that sicken the people who eat it. American taxpayers cut inspectors for food products, and don’t understand why there are so many salmonella outbreaks now. They swing naked on a wrecking ball that is deadly, hurting the same people as NH taxpayers have, but on a national scale.

This is about a lot more than me, in New Hampshire, losing $1.32 of food due to rising food prices.

This is about everyone voting to change this system that only gives to those who are least in need, who are so rich that the idea of food prices going up 24% in one year is meaningless.

This is about voting for the right to life of humans, fully born, first, then talking about balls of 48cells inside someone’s body or what kind of “rights” a non human corporation can have.

This is about NOT being like the Germans in the 1930’s who either dismissed or, worse, voted for the loud, arrogant man with the strange hair.

Voters, Taxpayers, Americans might want to think hard about why they choose to consign so many to misery and death, just for rich corporations and the 1% ultra rich Americans who don’t even care they exist, and even now are pushing Iran style theocracy in Tennessee and other states.


Write a new name in, Vote in Black, if you are “blue” or “red”.

Even better, Vote Green, so that never again will one color be able to shut down our entire government over one miniscule issue because they have 3 more seats than the other guys.

Otherwise, taxpayers, Americans, may all end up sighing, saying:

“They came after the Syrian refugees, and I didn’t do anything because I wasn’t a refugee.
They came after the gays and trans, and I didn’t do anything because I wasn’t gay.
They came after….”

Those who do not listen to history are doomed to repeat it!

#votegreenorblack  #election2016