April 15 Could Have
by Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC, (c)2016

Today could have
Been the first ride
Two best friends
Clad in orange and black

V Twins Roaring
To life
Hibernation over
Leather buffed
Metal gleaming
Tearing up asphalt
In the spring sunshine.

But, today
I put the gear
On the dog
And wheeled him
For a walk.

That noble steed
Our pride and
Oh, so much joy!
Shattered bones
Torn hide
Auctioned off
To the glue factory

Oh, Black Cherry!
You were the most
Innocent victim
Of all!

Like a very scared child
Forgiveness creeps in
The corner of the room
Silent, watching, waiting
To see if the parts
Of body, mind, soul
Have healed
From coven’s whips
The harlot’s sword.

She looks over the visible
And invisible scars
Wondering if they
Are healed enough
To touch, to embrace.

I, psychiatric widow,
Pay her no mind today

My other half
My best friend
As dead as a heart
A mind can be
Still stumbles
On earth
Broken, bruised,
Scarred like me
No, worse.
I never fell to
Evil plants calling.

No, today the dog
Looked to the road
Ears up, tail wagging
Listening for
The V Twin roar
Waiting for ….

Suddenly he turned
Climbed in my lap
On my wheelchair
Buried his face in my arms
And moaned
An awful sound
As his ears fell
His tail dropped
And I wheeled
Him home.

Today could have
Been our first ride
Sunshine, Spring
Black tar, double yellow line
Two best friends
And a dog.

I, the widow
Caring for
A canine orphan
Living the wheeled life
Today, lamenting

How the women killed
Black Cherry
On the path
To destroy
Two best friends
And a dog.

Quiet, child!
I don’t want you
Offering your small hand
To touch one scar
No, forgiveness
One man,one steed
And one mournful
Hurting dog to care for
No, child.
Today is to remember
What was done by evil
And to lay. …..

Today, after the walk,
I worked in the garden.
Mentally placing flowers
on two graves
But enjoying
The new buds

Tomorrow’s Morning Glories….