An interesting quote from Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, a Vaticanite Roman Catholic priest:

“….Church leaders need to dissociate themselves from governments and politicians who persecute gay people, and show example of respect for their dignity…”

By the way, he is not just a priest. He’s a theologian and a Jesuit religious. Catholic enough for ya?

SO, you old men over at the  US Conference of (Vaticanite) Catholic Bishops, are you finally going to get your $$$ money, your “issue ads” and your sound bites OUT of the GOP, The Tea Party, and the US Election?

Wake up U.S. Catholics!
Our Environment, Our Poor, Our Widows, Our Children, and, yes, Our LGBTQ neighbors need you to vote…carefully!

You have more choices that fit Catholic values than Red or Blue big money candidates!