“I Will Support The Party Nominee…That I Can’t Stand.” WHAT!?!

By Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC (c)2016

So, this guy “works in the trenches” with GOP SuperPacs for two years to try and stop reality show host Donald Trump from winning primaries.

Then gets on FOX News (the official propaganda outlet of the GOP) and is asked by a “Judge” who he is going to vote for, while she fishes to see where all of the SuperPacs money is going to go.

Like any good soldier, he repeats over and over the only answer that will save his career and his life: “I Will Support The Party Nominee.”

His body language tense, his nostrils flare just a little each time.

Trump has declared his rallies to be private events, and we have all seen the videos of what happens to people he doesn’t like. Pepper Spray, Bruises, Sexual Assaults, all done in his name by the more rabid of his supporters.

Trumps interviews are only on GOP supported and owned media. I won’t reprint his most common verbal reactions to the few humans he meets who don’t support him because I detest vulgarity.

He has been known to not just fire, but to do his best to destroy people who have worked for him. He is one of the largest exporter of jobs to other countries in the Menswear business, and thinks nothing of shutting down American factories and devastating lives and communities to make himself richer.

So, right after Trump forces Cruz to quit, what did the “Judge” think the poor schmuck she was interviewing was going to say?

People, #WakeUp.

The entire interview was staged, filmed, edited, and broadcast as a warning to #Republicans. Like or don’t like Trump, it doesn’t matter.

It was played and spread to tell you Republicans “Support Trump, or those same rabid supporters of his might decide to grab your teenage daughter’s breast, spray your Mother with pepper spray, and knock you until you are bloody.” 

Trump actually has to have an announcement made at every rally to remind his “Brownshirts” NOT to attack protesters, and even with the announcements there are still times that the air is thick with violence.

Some rallies Trump has ordered the crowd to raise their right hand and swear they will vote for him.

Donald, asking for a person’s vote is OK.

Ordering them to swear to vote for you is Fanatical Nationalism on display, and:

No, Not All Republicans Are Nazi’s!

Republicans! You DO NOT have to support this man who is lacking even the most basic skills to be a politician, never mind a President.

Trump has no intention of working with Republicans and Democrats to get legislation passed.

He has no intention of reading your emails when he does something that you Republicans don’t like.

He has no intention of doing anything about the massive amount of tunnels under the spots he wants to build a wall, because he could care less how much bad weed the Cartels bring in the country.

He just wants to stop starving victims of those Cartels (and his 1% friends) from getting in, and wants to make it harder for anyone to get out.

He could care less about the middle class and poor Republicans, and already released a tax plan to give the uber rich (like him) massive tax breaks. It has nothing for Republicans making under $100,000 a year.

He doesn’t belong to any church, and has shown almost no indication that he respects your Christian faith. All he cares about is that Christian Republicans give more to SuperPacs than they do the Sunday collection.

Republicans, Wake up!

There is a reason #stoptrump #nevertrump and more are growing, and there is a reason why The Right Side News (Fox News for youtubers) is spending mucho dinero pushing out slick videos of Trump rallies with all kinds of cool music and careful editing. They are desperately trying to keep you Republicans from seeing the Emperor has no clothes!

There is a reason that it has become a drinking game to watch those videos and try to find the token Black or Latino! (Try it! It is fun! Plus you don’t get very buzzed, so you can still drive home!)

Where do you think all the Non-Fundamentalist Christian Blacks and non-Roman Catholic Latino Republicans went? Now remember, the Fundamentalist Blacks (and Whites) and the Vaticanite Latinos have already gotten orders at Church to vote for whoever is antiabortion and anti-gay, even if it is Satan himself. Pretty much the same as the Germans in the 1930’s were “advised” at church to vote for Hitler. They are lost souls. We other Catholics and Christians pray for them.

Think of it this way: Would you let the pastor at Westville Baptist tell you who to vote for while they hold up traffic and signs at military funerals? Of course not. Same for Roman Catholic Latinos and Fundamentalist Christian Blacks, etc. who support Trump. They are brainwashed. Just move past them.

Trump has no plan for immigration reform besides banning Muslims and building the Wall.   He would happily rip apart families of Latinos who applied to be legal and whose paperwork got lost, or misfiled.He has made no announcement to bring funding and staffing levels up at Immigration to address the backlog of applications.

He has no plan to address the disparities in this country that exist for Black Americans. He could care less if your teenage son gets shot for wearing a hoodie. He has made no room in his tax plan to help police departments tell the difference between criminals and the black accountant who just got out of the gym.

Trump has no plans to help single mothers, disabled women, middle age soccer moms care giving older relatives. That is because as he has shown time and time again, women do not count unless they have money. Even then, they don’t count for much.

Trump has no plan to get Republicans in Congress to stop shutting down the government. 

Except for a smattering here and there, Non-Roman Catholic Latinos and Blacks, millions of women, many disabled and a lot of poor older folks don’t want Trump any more than you want this megalomaniac with bad hair!

Republicans! Wake Up!
Call your state GOP office. Find out who your delegates are. Politely, email or write to them that you do not want Trump, especially if you voted against him or missed your primary. Hell, New York alone “lost” over 100,000 ballots!

Find out what exactly happens in the GOP if a delegate gets more letters saying “No Trump” than they had votes for Trump to begin with.

Go ahead, BE a Republican, but be an awake and informed one!

Take your party back, or leave it and start over!

If you get stonewalled, shut out, dismissed, or end up like the guy in the video, stay strong!

Don’t give in to the fear Trump’s rabid right will hurt you or your family!

YOU are the voter, and YOU get to choose, not FoxNews, not The Right Side, and not a man who pulls himself out of bankruptcy by ditching one wife for a richer one. No, he wasn’t always rich. Yes, he gets passes on things small business can only dream of.

In November, remember this:
Every ballot location in the country, every little voting booth, has a Black Pen or a digital equivalent.

Republicans! Use it! #WriteInBlack

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