Day after party?? No, day after launching new expansion on my site!

So tired but it’s gonna be worth it!

This is me, 3AM… Today when I wake up at 9:30, it will be much worse!

It’s a race to build, a job now…or else I keep starving.

Even though multiple sclerosis is only one disease I live with, these cuts to social services, lack of workers willing to beat up their cars and slave at Medicaid home care wages means I have to “unretire” and make a few hundred a month on top of my check to survive.

Since I often have to work from my hospital bed in my room, this is it – my best chance.

Runs kinda like a very tiny public radio right now, please check out the Gift and Book Shop link and consider donating and sharing what you find there.

Going to crash, pray, sleep…

Take care, Brenda The Writer