Icon_whatiswrongwithpeopleWhat Is Wrong With People These Days?

By Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC


(This intro section originally posted on Facebook 5/29/2016)

It amazes me how many people, who ordinarily I would consider fairly normal and nice, are falling daily not only into heresy, but into hate, discrimination, and flirting right on the border of treason!

But today I saw no less than 4 “Freedom” “Christian” “Make America Great Again” and such titled blogs posting OLD out of date half-truths sourced from OTHER blogs back in 2015, 2014, even 2010 and repackaging it as “News” as if it was occurring today!

How lazy do you have to be if you are a blogger bent on spreading disinformation and right-wing propaganda, to recycle old lies instead of making up your own?

How amoral, sinful, lazy, and misled do you have to be to get these “News Updates” from these blogs you KNOW are full of shit, that you KNOW are wrong…and just DECIDE to be a BAD CITIZEN and if Christian, COMMIT A SIN by hitting the “share button” instead of the “report this site” one?

Now, multiply this by 7 days a week, 30 days a month. Yep. On average, I see over 850 such posts full of half-truths, lies, recycled old stories, based on next to no verifiable facts on the various social media accounts I use to run my online community every single month. If each one of my “friends” or members of my “circles”, or whatever who shared this with me did so to the average 40-50 on a regular human’s list…that means over 42,500 repetitions of this junk is now floating around the internet, getting bigger with each share, and clogging up the speeds so no one except those rich enough for unlimited 4G can actually stream the latest episode of “Game of Thrones” or whatever escapism fiction they are using these days to ignore reality.

An example of just one of them…a hack blogger recycling a 2015 hack blogger’s take on a series of incidents at a college over a year ago: Confederate Flags displayed on campus in public by people who also made those who saw the flag symbol uncomfortable. Like I said, small issue handled well by the college, in 2015…old news.

My comment in reply at the post on my friend’s Facebook:

THIS is an OLD 2015 blog post about two separate incidents where the Confederate Flag was displayed in public AND by persons who ALSO made the students feel uncomfortable! WHY are you spreading it like it is news today? THIS IS OLD INTERNET TRASH.

That said:

  1. You folks ARE aware that in many areas, (including here in New Hampshire) there were and are neo-nazi type white supremacist gangs that use the Confederate Flag as a gang affiliation symbol, right?  In some areas, it has nothing to do with blacks or slavery. YES, kids DID and DO get harassed and bullied by members of gangs, including the white separatist gangs. Some have been assaulted for nothing more than sitting at the same lunch table with black or gay classmates. It was going on back in 2008, and it goes on now.
  2. Even if this WERE about college kids today, they would STILL have the right to be offended!
  3. There are also a lot of college to age 30 people out there who are VERY worried that there are politicians who want to make America a Iran-style theocracy, with Christianity as the official religion.  To be fair, GOP states like Tennessee naming some unspecified version of “The Holy Bible” as state book scares the crap out of Jewish, Agnostic, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, LGBTQ, and younger voters WHO ARE US CITIZENS TOO.

(This I added for this post.)

Some of those Secessionist groups ALSO use the Confederate Flag as a symbol.  So, seeing a Confederate Flag DOES NOT trigger memories of Dukes of Hazard, Country Music, or anything GOOD to MANY people under 30.

It triggers memories of modern-day white supremacist gangs, of neo-nazi skin heads roaming in school halls. It triggers memories of biker gangs and yahoos in pickup trucks drunk on beer catcalling at them.

It triggers thoughts of idiots like the politicians in Tennessee who couldn’t find a single Tennessee-born writer that deserved to be recognized with a state book, and who wanted to IMPOSE the Bible on Every citizen of the state, no matter what religion they were.  These Tennessee idiots were so uneducated they didn’t even specify WHICH Bible – nor did they appear to know that the Bible is a COMPILATION OF A SERIES OF BOOKS written by different humans over the span of thousands of years!  About the only good thing about what they did is that there can now be decent Sex Ed in Tennessee public schools, as long as they use the Song of Songs as the jumping off point!

Southern Culture? Dixie? BBQ? Yeah, maybe if you are White and Old enough to have heard David Allan Coe live onstage back in the 1970’s!

Everyone else just thinks of gangs, treason-filled anti democracy GOP politicians, segregation, little black girls being burned alive, and yes, the KKK burning crosses on front lawns.

Louisiana Jazz, Georgia Peaches, and Texas Sunsets say Dixie and Southern Culture.  BBQ does not need a flag, even if the South did own it, which it does not.  Get over it.  You bought a million dollars in Walmart imported Duck Dynasty and multi colored camo crap from China.  Wear that or stick it on your bumper or laptop to let the rest of the world know you are an ignorant white Christian redneck who likes beer and country music if you want to. Ditch the flag already.

The rest of my comment in reply at the post on my friend’s Facebook:

So, before you go spreading an out of date, year old biased report from a hack fundamentalist GOP blog, and make it sound like this is a bunch of crybabies maybe you should think about the fact:

    • A 19 year-old GIRL who had kinky hair, even though she is white, who was harassed and bullied by members of a white supremacist gang when SHE WAS 14…. MIGHT DAMN WELL need counseling …
    • JUST like a domestic violence victim with PTSD might need counseling if she saw the french maid outfit she was routinely raped in for YEARS suddenly on display in public!
Note that even though I put the Party that is NOT beholden to corporations, churches, or the 1%, I also put the hash tag for those of different parties who DO NOT want to vote for the “official nominee.” All Voters hold the power of the pen to say “NO” to the results of this farce of a Democrat/Republican Primary Season! Click for larger graphic, and save and share all you wish.

Get it through your heads! AMERICA is very diverse!  In fact, an awful lot of folks who meet the description in the <–meme image to the right are in fact committing TREASON because they are TRYING TO TEAR APART OUR COUNTRY with lies, hate, and violence!

By spreading the hate filled, out of date, partisan blogs of these people, YOU are helping the Secessionists!

Jesus never once laid a hand on a Roman, never once discriminated against a Samaritan, and never once took a gay guy and nailed him to a fence to die!  Jesus never once taught that it was OK to harass, injure, or kill other humans!

But Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said, “Why do you think evil in your cross.04hearts?” (Matthew 9:4) and Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.” (Matthew 12:25) both (NKJV)

SO, IF you are calling yourself a Christian and an American Citizen:

Why are you spreading lies, hate, and helping those who are bent on tearing our nation apart? Does your Altar Call and Your Pledge of Allegiance mean nothing to you? What about the fate of your soul?