This is a fantastic essay about forgiveness, reconciliation, and letting go of the hate that can occur when someone hurts you so badly it seems like the emotional and spiritual bleeding will never stop.

When we have been injured, especially by those close to us in cases of domestic violence, (or in our case, that and female relational abuse) the physical wounds heal first and best with proper treatment.   The mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds , however must also be treated with proper care, and may take longer to stop bleeding so that healing can even begin. 

It can be tempting to try to throw a quick band aid on and pretend we are ready to forgive, to move on.  It is harder to admit that this wound is still gaping open and raw, bleeding profusely, and for right now we have to just focus on the tourniquet and get to the emotional and spiritual ER.

There will be time to hear God calling us out of our Egypt of pain and hate.  He will call to us, He will send us a Moses or a Miriam to lead us.  We can lay back on that gurney, let the professionals take care of us, let our minds and our souls at least get stitched up or scar over, and know that we, too, will have our escape and our Passover.

If you are the friend or family of a domestic violence victim, know that you can help most by being patient.  Not all wounds can heal overnight.  It is incredibly comforting to a victim to know that there is someone there who cares, and who will “sit by the bedside” until the victim stops bleeding and can leave the emotional, mental, and spiritual Emergency Room to fully heal. It is devastating when a victim spends the time in an ER alone, and then discovers that those they held closest have walked away because they were not willing to wait.  Be the Moses or the Miriam for the abused person when they are stable and recovered enough to walk out of Egypt.

We were slaves to the Pharaohs in Egypt, but the Lord led us out of there with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm (Deuteronomy 26:8).

Source: A Personal Egypt: Accepting God’s Guidance in Our Journey Toward Inner Freedom