NOT CATHOLIC! Tell the Truth! Fact Check!
By Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC

A Bishop In The Exam Room

“Between 2001 and 2016, the number of hospitals affiliated with the Catholic Church increased by 22 percent. Today, one in six patients in the U.S. is cared for at a Catholic hospital…” WRONG! NOT CATHOLIC!

These are Yellow and White Flagged Hospitals!
Vatican City and the Romans!

Sucking off the US taxpayers tits by charging millions to Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Insurances, then bribing to get grants, subsidies from taxpayers, all the while violating our US Laws and getting a tax free ride!

This is NOT about religion!
Why? Because…

This is about a foreign city state
who’s Emperor hides
in a white cassock
behind “religion”
stealing our taxpayers money
to cover lawsuit payments
spouting beliefs
his own flock
does not believe!

The two largest Catholic groups in the US are:
1) ex-Roman Catholics
2) Home Roman Catholics, who DO NOT belong to ANY parish, denomination, OR the Vatican!

The Vaticanites, all the denominations including Romans, have less than 450,000 clergy worldwide and Francis himself admits 8,000 are pedophiles! Now add how many are hiding inside Vatican Walls dodging arrest warrants! They count baptism certificates NOT real actual  people!

Even among the real members, not all Roman Catholics swear allegiance to the Yellow and White flag!
DignityUSA, Womenpriests, MarriedPriestsNow..all Roman Catholic, none of them support the Vatican City State taking over our health care system or buying our election!

This is not about religion. This is about money, lies, and greed.

There are NOT anywhere near 80 million Vaticanite Roman Catholics in the US! If there were, each of the 17,900 parishes would average 4,500 humans each! Every one would be a stadium sized building! The US economy would shut down on Sundays!

At most, if every parish had 2,000 members, the Vaticanites would have less than 39 million members. Roughly, on par with Baptists (at approx. 33 million). Go ahead, look and see how many of those parishes have over even 1,000 people. Uh oh, there goes the number of Vaticanites, falling lower, maybe more like 20 million? No one knows but the Emperor of the Vatican City State!

This is not about religion, or about a huge number of American Catholics. Period.

Vaticanite Roman Catholicism is not the biggest US Catholic group.

It’s not even the biggest Christian group.

This is about money.

It is, however, full of very rich powerful people like Speaker Paul Ryan, a certain now deceased Supreme Court Judge, and although they are technically excommunicated, a whole lot of Mafia members.

It is also very good at getting some of its members to put a lot of money into SuperPacs and groups who then ….slick, professional, expensive “Issue ads” anyone?

Import a clergy ignorant of basic biology and genetics who is also homophobic to speak at a staged event for the national press?

Pay High priced legal teams to take a “purposely created” case to the Supreme Court for a small order of nuns running a hospital that doesn’t want to cover the pill for the Jewish nurse working 11-7am?

Yep, Vatican City’s Emperor has that covered.

This is not about religion, or even about most Roman Catholics. This is about power and greed.

The Vatican won’t publish real membership numbers because, like all those closed buildings and 1,000 parishioner parishes show, they are lying about how many members they have, and how few of those even care a whit what the US Council of (Vaticanite Roman) Catholic Bishops say!

This is not about religion. This is about money, power, and greed.

Why do you think the big hospital chains they own have non-Catholic names!
Read the article to see why!

This next part? It IS about religion.

This IS why several
Honest God Fearing, Jesus Loving
Roman Catholic parishes, – not just humans – entire parishes, have thrown off
the yellow and white flag
and changed to different
Catholic denominations!

Next Fact:
If your survey only lists Catholic, then a whole bunch of non-Vaticanite Catholics get counted in

There are over 4 million US Catholics in Anglican, Episcopal, Independent, Orthodox, and Old Catholic Churches NOT connected to the Vatican at all! And THEY only count actual members, real humans, who DO attend!

Many of them are fighting the foreign government with the yellow and white flag to get out of our elections!

This is not about religion. This is about money, greed, power, and not repeating history.

Wake Up America!

You have a foreign government
buying your votes,
taking over your health care,
trying to shove an
Iran style theocracy down your throat
Pushing you to elect a
loud mouth, sexist, racist, homophobic Nationalist with bad hair President!

Germany, 1930’s! Complete with his uncontrolled mobs who beat up peaceful protesters and VATICANITE ROMAN bishops and clergy raising their right hand to salute him!

No! Never Again! That is what we swore as our American soldiers followed Patton into the Nazi death camp! Never again would America let a Vatican endorsed marginal Nationalist take over a country and cause such ruin!


No to the Yellow and White Flag from overseas!
Not All Catholics Are Roman!
Not All Roman Catholics are Vaticanite!

Take that church tax deduction away!
Tax them like any Swedish Mattress Company running a factory or store in our country!


Elect people in November who will separate these foreign owned businesses and tax them! Elect people to congress and the White House that will set that tax rate is where it belongs!

This is not about religion!
Elect people who will force hospitals owned by foreign governments to follow US Laws!

No To Red!
No to Blue!
Vote #GreenParty, Vote Independent
Pick up the Pen and
#WriteInBlack if you have to!


Take OUR America
Our Catholic Church