SomeNonsense_iconThat’s Funny! (Intro)

Any quick look at this blog will let the readers know a few things about me.

  1. I am a new convert to the concept that this year we Americans must elect a strong third party contingent to our government, if only to protect us from ourselves. In my case, It is the #GreenParty.
  2. I am an “other” Catholic, running a small online community for all Catholics.
  3. I have been through, and in many ways still am in, a unique version of earthly Hell over the past three years.

Between being disabled and almost killed by domestic violence,female relational abuse,  the State of New Hampshire… and realizing that my country actually was in worse shape in the area of inter-communication and cooperative co-existence than my church,there has not been a whole lot of humor in my life.

This has changed in the past couple of weeks.

I am not sure if it is because of the very dedicated and eternally patient home care aide I finally got connected with after being alone for 7 months. The aide is certainly found a way to get me to smile, and one night even have a fit of giggles so bad, I nearly had to be sent to the ER. (Note: For Fibromyalgia patients, fits of giggles can actually cause that much chest pain.)

Perhaps it was the “at home retreat” – a week long period of being unplugged, praying and learning from God, St. Julian of Norwich and a bunch of my fellow Franciscans.

Maybe it is just the pseudo-bulbar effect that comes with being in year 10 of multiple sclerosis.

Or maybe because by the time the retreat had ended, there were so many new financial, legal, medical, bureaucratic, internet, and household disasters that I went beyond sadness, anger, grief and circled the entire emotional planet until laughter was all that was left!

I don’t care.  After so many long months of suffering, grieving, rebuilding (my body at least), It feels good to laugh again. I feel better when I find something amusing, and sometimes when I tell people about it, they find it amusing too.  Hearing someone laugh because of something I said (which, nowadays is often via writing) is almost as good as applause at karaoke for a person’s digestion.  Digestion will be a frequent topic of the things I find funny.

Forget the internet speech that circulates each graduation season about missing your knees when they are gone.  Knees can be replaced. Take care of your GI system, because once that starts to go, you are really on a 80’s Slasher Flick ride.

Not everyone is going to get my sense of humor.  I am a different person now than I have ever been in my very eventful life.  The people who attacked me and my lost

best friend/life partner/prayer buddy/coworker/everything a woman could want

– those people left scars on and in me that will never fade. The other things I encountered these past three years are the stuff of nightmares on many levels.  My humor can have an edge sharp as a razor to it, or be as simple as those ubiquitous internet kitten videos.

So, I’ve titled this section “Some Nonsense” and I expect it will eventually have far too many rage comics and memes, at least a few enemies, but hopefully more people that just smile and say…

“Yeah…That’s funny!”

Thanks for reading.  – Brenda

Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC (c)2016