Well, well…a little spark of light that maybe Americans are waking up.

If you combine results in a 6/23 poll, 16% of US voters are going with (Libiterian) Johnson or (Green) Stein.

Not Trump, Not Hillary.

Both are seeing their numbers skyrocket. Bigger and bigger everyday. They will both make and exceed 15% nationally.

That means Trump & Hillary will be throwing even more mud at each other and each mudball that is true will bring more voters to Johnson and Stein.

Stein stands to gain millions of Sanders voters post convention.

Johnson? Judging by the GOP members joining #nevertrump, he may indeed have a chance to grow, but he doesn’t have the advantage Stein has in #BernieorBust .

Enough to beat Trump, Hillary, AND Stein? I don’t think so….but then again we do have a foreign government dumping millions into pushing Trump. If that government decided during the GOP convention to change tactics….

Hmmmm…Does Johnson take SuperPacs money?

If so…Stein is the only candidate with clean hands if Sanders bows out.

Either way, time to start seriously checking out Libitarian, Independent, and #GreenPartyUS candidates for US House of Representatives.

Just in case there is a tie, or no one winner….

Not Red, Not Blue.
If you have to.