9 Days In July
by Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC (2016)


Saw a story from last year blasting media for falsely claiming there was a “War On Police”. Another of the Latino death rate. It had two videos that were very informative.

Another post about a white officer offering support to a Black woman. ” How are you doing, really?” She said “I’m tired.” He said, “Me too. I guess it’s pretty difficult right now for both of us.” He hugged her, she hugged back, crying.

A moment of clarity.

There is NO War on Police. FOXNEWS lied.

There ARE grave injustices in police brutality, and more importantly in accountability. Again, FOXNEWS lied.

Our problems are more complex than that.

A Black man who shoots and kills someone White is hunted down, arrested, tried often with poor counsel, convicted, and all to often, executed.

A White Cop who shoots and kills a Black man most often gets a paid vacation, high powered legal team, public relations person, and never gets arrested.

THAT is the reality behind marchers chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon” – If Blacks face the electric chair for murder, why not White Police who murder?

It never had anything to do with randomly killing White Police, and only one man described by Dallas PD as exhibiting psychopathic symptoms has actually thought it was OK to kill White Police.

We can change the stats above and below. But we have to be honest about those facts:

* Being a minority, especially a minority male, in America is dangerous, and when Police are involved, often deadly.
* Untreated mental illness and domestic violence are important factors in humans who die from Police shootings.
* The use of guns instead of non lethal methods has increased on both sides.

Yet only 2 incidents of death involved a human shooting a gun at Police, 8% Of all deaths. 75% of deaths were from Police shooting guns at non-police humans.

* Budget cuts to pay for mental health and domestic violence treatment and supports have directly worsened this situation
* Both Black and White America is being manipulated by mainstream media, the 1%, and certain religious figures for their own reasons.
* America is a racist, caste filled country, and has never shed this tendency in many areas.
* Poverty and Discrimination kill hope, and without hope, violence spreads like a cancer.

The solutions require us to face our caste driven, me first, racist, sexist, ableist culture and change it. We must change ourselves, how we think, how we use our perceived superiority to bully others.

We must take responsibility for allowing people like Rupert Murdoch to manipulate us. We must reject both politicians who act as if the laws don’t apply to them AND the politicians who spew so much hatred they create angry uncontrolled violent mobs.

We must become educated in what we don’t know, or have chosen to ignore.

We must, like the White officer and the Black woman above, find moments of clarity, listen to each other, and build on that.

Those of us who are people of faith must pray. A lot.

Data and more facts, with sources:

6 Police have been killed between July 1, 2016-July 9,2016 2pm EST

1 K9 Roscoe, a K9 Dog from Emmett Police Department, ID on Friday, July 1, 2016. Cause of Death: Automobile accident

5 Officers, human, in Dallas Shooting, by lone gunman, Black, who was killed by robotic bomb. Shooter reported by Dallas PD to be exhibiting suicidal & psychopathic symptoms.

Data source: https://www.odmp.org/search/year

Compare To:

18 people July 1, 2016-July 9,2016 2pm EST have been shot to death by police.

10 are “race unknown”
2 were Black
3 were Latino
3 were White

At least 2 were complying with police instructions, both black.

8 had a gun, 1 may have had a gun. At least 1 death the gun was legally purchased & owned. That gun was never in the dead humans hand during the incident.

3 have been identified as suffering from mental illness, 1 of these was a suicide attempt call

3 were domestic violence calls

3 were either fleeing or “possibly fleeing” the police
Only 1 was actually shooting a gun at officers
Only 1 had a warrant out on him.

On accountability:

1 shooting has the officers involved identified.

Both Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake from the Baton Rouge Police Department are on administrative leave.

0 shootings have resulted in an arrest of the police officer(s) involved.

Invisible Deaths:
3 of the non-police dead are “unidentified” & “race unknown”. They are all men.
An unidentified person, a man armed with a gun, was shot on July 6, 2016, in Grady Springs, Okla. A Grady Springs sheriff’s deputy was responding to a report of a domestic disturbance. Authorities said the man refused to drop his weapon.
An unidentified person, a man, was shot on July 5, 2016, in Temecula, Calif. Riverside County sheriff’s deputies said the man fled the scene of a robbery, led officers on a short chase and then crashed his vehicle.
An unidentified person, a man armed with a knife, was shot on July 4, 2016, in Rosser, Tex. Kaufman County sheriff’s deputies were responding to reports of a domestic disturbance when they confronted the man. The sheriff’s department said he had stabbed several people and was wielding a knife.

Data source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/police-shootings-2016/

Disclaimer: I have not included the Dallas Shooter in the 24 deaths. Death #25 was a black male, exhibiting signs of mental illness, with possibly several guns, and after killing and wounding many, he was killed by police with a robotic bomb. This Veteran had advanced training, and while I counted the officers killed, I did not include him or his non-police fatalities, who would be deaths #26 and #27 -the only non police caused deaths I could find in the data. These numbers may change.