Let The Circle Be Unbroken


If the entire US would just, please, stop and read this book, I believe:
1) White Middle Class and White Poor Class humans would understand #blacklivesmatter is not just about now, but 1900, 1933, and 1940 too.

2) All Races of Middle and Poor Castes in America would understand how the 1% have been sowing hate and division long before Donald Trump and Hillary, and profiting from it.

3) All Classes in America would understand that it is right to #backtheblue but to hate and advocate for an end to police brutality and police who murder innocent humans being let off scot-free.

If you have to,
Pick up that pen,
and #WriteInBlack,
and with #DrJillStein ,
Take OUR country back!

ALL of us – Black, Straight, Latino, Gay, Asian, Married, White, Single, Middle class, the Poor, disabled and abled.

All of US have to stop the stranglehold the rich Red and Blue have on our nation!

Readable for 10 year olds and up, even in Texas.