Why Hillary Squashing Bernie Doesn’t Matter
By Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC

In this article, the author makes the case for why Hillary flouted president and good manners at the convention, and axed the best public speaker they have: Nina Turner.

He talks about glass ceilings and class, but cluelessly dismisses the rising third and fourth parties. A bad miscalculation. Any voter can pick up a pen and #WriteInBlack who THEY want once they are in the booth.


I think the author vastly underestimates Yellow and #Green momentum. Both #Libertarian Johnson and Green #DrJillStein are rising exponentially in the few polls that include them.

Also forgotten?
Largest class in the US: poor & lower middle class independents.

Huge #’s hate Hillary as much as Trump.

Libertarians have not just all 50 ballots but established organized infrastructure. Watch, too, what Jill has built in under a year.

Both Trump and Hillary are 1%ers.
They would do well to remember French Revolution, and not put much trust in polls.

Hillary faces impeachment hearings the first day Congress is in session, Trump faces competency hearings, if not UN courts for hate crimes.

Both Yellows and Greens often are not included as options in surveys, and when they are not included, Yellow, Greens, Socialists, and Independents frequently intentionally hit a wrong button to screw pollsters as punishment for not listing all 5 names in play.

In the end, yellow and green only have to combined win about 10 states, 50 or so delegates, and as little as 1% of the House and both Hillary and Trump are finished.

#Hillary has more class / caste issues than this article points out. She has offered nothing to the mass of the bottom 25%.

#Trump is already hemoraging votes every time he tweets hate. No one likes it when you belittle a #GoldStarMother.

Both have offered no answer to #racism, and Trump has made it worse. Both have offered nothing to curb #policebrutality, and Trump has encouraged it. Both have said nothing about the many #succession movements growing day by day. True, pro-Union Americans are outraged.

It ain’t over. Not by a long shot.

#ItsInOurHands America.
Vote Green
Vote Yellow
Vote Independent
Pick up the pen, #WriteInBlack if you don’t see the name you want.

Time to take OUR country BACK!