Dreams Carry Me Away By Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC (2016)


So, on Tumblr before bed, and I see this post about this white beauty queen who got caught (1) spewing the n-word & (2) complaining about black people in a very derogatory way.

See screen shot. Yeah, totally got Indigo’s comment. Wanted to post back…

Started out with decent comment:

Let me guess, She’s majoring in Liberal Arts until she marries a rich white guy, and “loves children” but won’t support any by paying taxes for a food stamp increase. Ugh. *Wishing for the days character was 30% of your score, and judges looked hard*

Somewhere in there I…daydreamed. And wrote about it. Went back, and put disclaimer:

This is a long post. Sorry, got carried away by dream…

Here is what happens when I tap as fast as my brain daydreams:

Would love to support a scholarship patent that:
1) was open to any human who liked wearing gowns and crowns,
2) had real almost professional talent in performing arts,
3) had hs seniors with a real education, character, and a service project at Eagle Scout level.

Can you imagine it?

The Queen of the USA Pageant crowns New Queen.

The 2020 Queen of the USA is Ms. Sharon Smith, of Poughkeepsie, NY.

Ms. Smith is a senior at Poughkeepsie High, where she is ranked #6 in her class. She has performed ballet since she was 3, is a proud member of NHS, Yearbook Committee, is a regular news contributor on the high school youtube channel PKNY21. She belongs to Rainbow Catholics, Black Lives Matter, and plays rugby.

Her Moms are Donna and Carol Smith, and her siblings are Catherine, age 5,  (Currently 2018 Little Queen of Poukeepsie New York USA), brother Joseph, age 16, (a former Teen Queen of Upper New York USA), and William, age 7.

Sharon’s service project as 2018 Queen of Upper New York USA was to design, fund, and install 18 2-bedroom cabins on county owned land for homeless to rent all utilities included at $100/month for up to 10 years.

The development, which opened after 10 months of Sharon’s tireless work,  features solar heat and hot water, a central park/playground with fruit bearing trees, a community vegetable garden, rainwater catchment system,  full composting water/sewer systems, on site management 24/7/365 and part time employment at $15/hr for up to 20 hours a week for 3 renters.

Her heroes are Dr. Martin Luther King, her 98 year old great grandmother, born during segregation, Ghandi, her pastor at St. Joseph of Aremethia Old Catholic Church, Bishop MaryAnn McKensie, M.Div, and Cenk from The Young Turks Media Network.

Her hobbies include Tumblr, Snapchat, and Reading.

Queen of the USA 2018, Ms. Sharon Smith, is attending Harvard University in the fall, majoring in Pre-Law, and received a total of $26,500 in scholarship money during her pageant career.

Now, THAT is a pageant program I could get behind! All colors, all genders, all orientations, real education, real talent, real service to community.

Racist, foul mouthed uneducated, spoiled, bratty straight white females not welcome until they get reformed!

Like? If so, add your pageant, feminism, black voices, or LGBTQ daydreams in a comment!