1AM. Eastern Standard Time.
By Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC (c)2016

“Do you know what’s worse that different Catholics arguing with each other?” Said the very tired owner of an All Catholics Online Community.

“No, I don’t,” said the equally tired Chihuahua. “what’s worse?”

“Ukrainian and Russian Catholics arguing with each other.” said the woman as she climbed from wheelchair to hospital bed.

“Why?” asked the Chihuahua, as he curled up to warm her toes for her.

“Lots of reasons, but tonight there are 4 big ones.

1. They use machine guns instead of ” inside voices”.

2. They all speak 4 different languages:
         Ukrainian street slang
         Russian street slang

3. They have Mass Media just as screwed up as the US, but worse somehow.

4. On just One tiny part of One argument that made it into 2 news sites, there were 51 Oligarchs and 1%ers who had a ball in the game, NOT including Putin and the Russian / Ukrainian Mafias!”

“OH, My!” sighed the Chihuahua.

The woman sighed, too.
“Those poor bastards. I mean Trump and Hillary. They are so not ready for this.

Those poor humans. I mean the 99% in Ukraine and Russia. They are possibly even more in need of a Green Party Evolution than the USA.”

The woman said a prayer, and turned put the light.

Fundamentalist Religion +  Nationalism + Corruption = __________
Didn’t we already fight this terror?
Wake up Americans!