Two Sides, Same Coin
By Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC (c)2016

What is the difference between #Trump & #Hillary #Clinton?

The Clinton paid him $300k so Bill could have an engraved nametag on his mahogany paneled locker at The Don’s Golf Course. See it here:

She takes donations from 1%ers who rent apartments from him.
Meet one here:

What’s the same between #neverTrump and #liar #Hillary?

Both claim, lying, they will raises taxes and eliminate loopholes for them and fellow 1%ers like man in New York in this video.

Both claim to care about the environment, but lie. Hillary takes money from Big Oil, Trump messes with Scottish sand dunes, lies about support from environmentalists like Trump did here:

Both hurt lower and middle classes. Hillary sends our sons and daughters to die in wars, Trump attacks Scottish man for refusing to sell out to improve the view for 1%ers:

Two sides of the same coin. Both Wrong For America.

Hillary AND Trump are both:
Wrong for Black, Latino, Immigrant Voters
Wrong for Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist Voters
Wrong for Male, LGBTQ, Women Married, Single Voters.

Hillary AND Trump are both:
Wrong for Homeowner Voters, Renter, Small Business Owner Voters.
Wrong for Conservatives, Moderate, and Progressive Voters
Wrong for Workers Who vote.
Wrong for Spoonie, Disabled, & Elderly Voters
Wrong for Children who cannot vote.


Vote Nov 8 for #steinbaraka or #johnson/weld
Speak up now: #OpenTheDebates

Down the ballot? Congress? Senate? Governor? Local?
Simple. Not one Republican. Not one Democrat.

Senator Angus King. Senator Bernie Sanders.
General Colin Powell? An option for GOP, but not as good as Libertarian.

Down the ballot? #ItsInOurHands
Vote #GreenPartyUS
#Yellow Libertarian
or #White #Independent

Pick up the pen if you have too,
#WriteInBlack a good name

Enough of us being patsies, indentured servants to the 1%.
Enough wearing a Trump tie, thinking it means anything
Except we got cheated, bought like Native Americans from 1700’s to now.
Enough is Enough.

Forward & Share, then Act.
Boycott every Clinton Foundation project, every business with Trump name.
Protest every pipeline and treaty she supports, every project he tries to develop.

#Demexit. #GOPexit. Just leave.
Join The Green or The Yellow

Declare Independence from the corrupt system.
Sign up now, open your site,
And run as a #WriteInBlack Candidate because Yes, there is time.

Peaceful, nonviolent revolution? American Evolution!

Whatever you can do – Just Do It.
Most of all, on Nov 8…