Today’s story about the lying token black preacher who was Trump’s surrogate among Right wing Evangelicals is merely the latest sign that The Don has more in common with New Jersey & New York mafia of the 1970’s or Russian Mafia than serious political candidates of the 2000’s. The era of voters knowing and not caring if John Kennedy was drinking buddies with mobsters is long gone. So is the era of televangelists with shady backgrounds or habits.

If Trump can’t do a good background check on a speaker, he is incapable of vetting a SCOTUS judge.

Look, yes, I am a Greenie.
But I have family and friends who are GOP, and they are very angry at GOP National. They are frustrated, and feel abandoned. Embarrassed every time Trump screws up.

#Republicans #ItsOver #DumpTrump.

To my GOP family, friends, followers:
The GOP already has a succession plan for the possibility the Presidential candidate can’t be on the ballot. All parties do, just in case the candidate dies or becomes incapacitated.

The GOP National office can go ahead now, declare Trump unfit for office, and it is not the end of the world.

Mike #Pence steps into Candidate for President. A leading member of GOP already issued public call to Gen. #ColinPowell. Pence names Powell as his VP. Powell wakes up, does his duty, says yes.

Done. Ticket, and party saved.

GOP National has to do this fast, certainly before 1st debate. As in right now.


Otherwise, Republicans only have 4 choices on Nov. 8th, and one of them helps #Hillary, who no one wants.

1. #WriteInBlack Pence/Powell
2. Vote #JohnsonWeld2016
3. Vote #Steinbaraka

Or, help Hillary and
4. Stay home and not vote at all.

For the sake of our country, Republicans, if you must vote GOP choose #1. It will delay any announcement of winner by weeks with recounts, but that may happen anyway as Hillary will ask for recounts when she loses to pacify the overlords who funded her.

If, however, you want to tell GOP National they must change:

Vote #2 (Weld is a Republican, just like by you.) or
Vote #3. Seriously, Dr. Jill is a Progressive, but she is also a staunch Constitutional Law Advocate. Every idea or plan will get a fair hearing in Congress, any SCOTUS nominee she picks will be an experienced Constitutional Law expert first.

Whatever you do, do not help Hillary by voting for her or by not voting at all. No one in America can handle another year of Congress doing nothing but Her Impeachment Hearings.

Trump, you’re fired. It’s over.