It is Sunday 10:30pm Eastern here in Strafford County, NH.

This #spoonie is exhausted, in pain. Neuropathy from multiple sclerosis feels like 8 million ants are crawling on my entire left side from toes and fingers to emaciated hips, cheek, and scalp. Joints where ribs connect to breastbone, full of osteo-arthritis, scream each time I breathe.

Yet, I am going to bed happy. Why?

Checked email, and saw this:

If a single City Council Green Candidate in Baltimore, Maryland is getting this % more in cash donations than other party’s candidates…how much more are the other 99 Green Party candidates, like this one for US Senate, this one for Congress, and #SteinBaraka2016 gaining over the Red & Blue?
(And that is just a few down the ballot Green Party Candidates from 1 state!)

And we Greenies are doing it with No SuperPacs. No corporate fat cats. Just human beings.

In New Hampshire, Vermont, Texas, and more Jill is gaining recognition, serious study. This summer 7,000 NH voters declared that yes, Jill had the right to run for President here. Despite their best efforts, GOP & Democrat Supervisors of the checklist in towns and cities couldn’t stop us. #GraniteGreens submitted 1300 MORE signed petitions than we needed to Secretary of State Gardner. Does that sound like a fringe candidate to anyone?

Yes I’m exhausted and in pain as I lay down in my hospital bed, out of my wheelchair for the night. But I’m happy. It’s gonna be a whole different First In The Nation #Primary2018. Trust me.

In Texas, Maryland & more there are Good, Proud Americans running for office. Across the country, there are already hundreds of Green Party office holders. No, this is not a fringe anything. We have our game faces on.

I volunteer as I can, but tonight I am exhausted, a disabled Green #spoonie in pain.

But, I am going to bed happy. Why?

Here in NH, Dr Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka are on the ballot. In November, there will be Green Party members voted for because NH voters know how to pick up a pen and #WriteInBlack.

Greens are attracting and keeping
Americans who are wide awake.
Conservatives, Moderates, & Progressives
    who are #Demexit -ing & #GopExit -ing
    Throwing off the corrupt duopoly.

#Greensatinbows are decorating
American Flag pins of
Humans who are coming together!

Proud Americans are going Green because they support:
* The US Constitution,
* A Green New Deal,
* Voter’s rights,
* Dr. Jill Stein’s peaceful, nonviolent evolution of our Election system to one that is By The People, For the People, in One Undivided Union of States.

A #biased #debate by a private #corporation in #Houston?
With only red/blue?
No thank you!
Go to #Houston if you can and
#Protest that reality show travesty!

If you can’t go, #boycottthedebate
Send #advertisers the memo: We won’t watch a live fake incomplete debate, so don’t sponsor it.

How much does it cost to rent a studio?
Hire someone to ask the questions?
Invite the press?
Fairly, with 4 podiums?
Is there no one willing to answer the call?
Coke? Pepsi? GEICO?
You will pay millions for a #Superbowl ad, but not a fraction of that for a real open debate?
What kind of US Corporate Citizens Are You?

Americans deserve open debates with all 4 candidates!

No despite the pain, still going to bed happy. Why?

Look at and see….
….are you 75% or more #Green?

1.08 Million people – 65% – polled there say the debates should be open, like Greenies.

4.6 Million – 85% – agree with Greens that redrawing of Congressional districts should be handled by an independent, non partisan commission.

6.4 Million – 70% – agree with Greens that Wind Power should continue to be supported and expanded.

It is happening right now.
Peaceful, Nonviolent, Revolution.
#AmericanVoters are
1) Dumping Hillary Email Tea in the harbor,
2) Blockading Trump racist,bigoted Redcoats,
3) Step by step, vote by vote taking OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BACK!

Yep, no matter how much pain or exhaustion this crippled #spoonie body feels…I’m going to bed happy tonight.

Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC
A Greenie In NH