purseblueToday’s Story About My Life: Monday, 9/19/16
I logged on to Facebook, and what did I spot in the “Sponsored Ads” Section?
An ad for someplace called Thredup Secondhand Bags and Purses.
Yeah, and Trump and Hillary STILL won’t admit we are in the Second #GreatDepression!
Do NOT buy secondhand purses on the internet, people!
Buy non perishable food, water if you are in a place where you rely on an electric water pump to make your facets work, or if you own land, buy a tank to buy gasoline now while it is cheap! Nov. 8th that cheap gas game is over, kiddies!
So, back to the purses.
“Why did I get this ad served up to me?” I wondered.
  • I have been working on some writing that required comparison of Quranic Suras, Jewish Midrash Commentary, and Writings of Early Church Fathers.
  • I do happen to care quite a bit about racism‘s hold on too many under-educated Americans.
  • I also changed my random searches and a couple of my groups,

…..so, apparently, Facebook’s algorithms now think I am a Black Muslim who likes purses. A Lot. 

#breakthesystem, indeed. This is better than when I convinced Google I preferred Spanish and was married with 2 kids.  The ads for preschool toys are hilarious in Spanish – you should try it!

So… I’m a Black Muslim Handbag fanatic, huh?  The results when I am #BreakingTheSystem are:

  • Hysterically Funny when there is an ad for LGBTQ rosaries right under one for Abayas, then one for A Vegan Cookbook.
  • Useful when I find a really cool online store geared toward urban Black Professional women.
  • Somewhat Insulting when I have been posting forever about being poor, but only after the algorithm decided I must be Muslim did it see fit to send me an ad for secondhand purses! 

Careful, Zuch…It looks like your algorithm is developing religious prejudice!

And that was the day, hope yours was as interesting!
Take care,
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(c)2016, Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC