Don King & Don Trump By Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC

Recently, Donald Trump’s failing presidential campaign released a video of Don King endorsing the failed Reality Show star turned Ultra Right Wing Rally Entertainer.

Speaking about Donald Trump:

“This is a coming of a man who has taken on a system, a system that is awesome and ingeniously put together, a system of control,” Don King said. “The mindset, the behavior, the attitudes, the institutions, the law. And then, they have the judges and the courts that uphold the law that makes right wrong and wrong right.”

Yes, Don King, Convicted Murderer, was the best person Trump could find among millions of Black Americans to endorse him.  

This speaks volumes, even if what Don King said is true about 1%ers like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Here’s the problem:

What we have seen and still see of Trump is that under him, the mindset, behavior, attitudes, institutions, law, judges, and courts would be full of racist, homophobic, bigoted people who have great inclination to violence and discrimination against even those who are disabled, elderly, or poor.

Those practices and ideals are not reflective of true American values, Not reflective of true Black African  American thought, and not moral under any circumstance.

Don King was once a Boxing Promoter, selling whichever boxer he happened to decide was going to make him the most money. He has been seen alongside many Black Civil Rights activists over the years, but was never someone like Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rosa Parks, or Martin Luther King.  

Sometimes, he faced criticism within the Black Community for appearing to be more interested in his publicity than the particular cause they were promoting at the time.

So, even if his words are a true reflection of what the Red/Bue 1%er and Corporate driven system has donehis words were said to endorse one of that very elite, very select group within one of the very parties that created and sustained what Don King complains about.

Which begs the question: If Don King truly feels the words he said, Why would he endorse one of the 1%ers and one of those parties at all?

Don King is quite elderly, has made many bizarre or not entirely true statements in the past, has himself engaged in the violence of stomping another human to death, and made a career out of selling himself and his mostly black boxers for cash.

An endorsement from a person in his condition, with his history, is not something any candidate with integrity would seek, and certainly not promote.

I sincerely hope, considering how frail and oddly dressed (uncharacteristically) for the occasion he was, that someone in Don King’s family has consulted with his medical doctor and made sure he is not suffering from early dementia, or that he was not coerced into making this endorsement because of financial or other pressure.

Sadly, as we saw with Ronald Reagan, the GOP has a history of hiding such things and taking advantage of cognitively impaired persons, while Donald Trump has much too long of a history with the Mafia, which also was heavily involved in boxing, to trust either the man or the party.