A Kook? Really? By Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC


Late at night, tired from working on making Puppy Chow, nibbling on last of dollar store ice cream pie that had such a tiny amount of real milk my vegetarian diet free GI system could manage it, and I stop by the NH Green Party Facebook to check if anything new is going on this week.woman-opera-glasses_animated_web

You know, us more …mature ladies, the ones with Lavender or Red Hat Clubs and all that…

Sometimes we just don’t have enough God given patience to put up with younger whipper snapper fools.

Mike Somebody posted a comment on a post about Dr. Jill Stein’s next appearance in the area.

“Jill Stein is a kook.”

The following took less than 20 minutes and boy, do I feel fantastic!

Jill Stein is a “kook”….And Trump isn’t? At least she knows how to follow basic company email policies and procedures, unlike Hillary.

Seriously, not even 48 hours after the 4th pathetic excuse of a non-debate by those two corrupt parties, Trump and Hillary were on either side of the Vaticanite Cardinal Timothy Dolan at a $3,000-a-plate gathering of the elite 1%, including major mass media and corporate executives. Dolan might be a “nice guy”, and for all I know an actual Catholic, but the United Nations member foreign country that has a Caesar -just like Russia has Trump’s Idol, Putin- is also Dolan’s boss.

That Boss, Dolan, and every single other member of the Vaticanite USCCB have dumped millions into this election in bri…superpac donations, issue ads that all but say Trump‘s name, imported a Cardinal on a quicky no waiting list alien visa who is not just homophobic, but profoundly ignorant of the fact that some babies are born hermaphrodites to dominate the airwaves and internet chatter with his lies and hate at ANOTHER $$$-a-plate elites only gala, tied up our SCOTUS for months over whether a group of nuns could deny birth control to a Jewish nurse working the 3pm to 11pm shift while AT THE SAME TIME picking the taxpayers pockets for millions of dollars AND getting a tax exemption!

The post “debate” event even featured a custom multi level “head table” so enough of the greedy, arrogant, bribing, corrupt, cheating, sexually assaulting, elites could look down on the “merely well to do” and lucky interns, and ALL you got against Jill Stein is that she is a “kook”? Seriously, Mike?

Here is reality: Jill earned her degrees from Harvard by being very smart.  She pays taxes, worked a real job, Paid student loans, saw how broken our health care system is, has an Economic Green New Deal that will not only provide living wage employment but make the US energy independent and very likely an energy exporter with a currency based on our Gross Domestic Product instead of Wall Street gambling.

That same Green New Deal will ALSO help to reduce and even reverse the damage we are already struggling to live with from Climate Change, provide Medicare for all, cradle to grave with mental health, developmental disabilities, and TBI treated the same as diabetes or asthma with both home care and caregiver supports.

That SAME Green New Deal will provide millions of new jobs in healthcare and renewable energy, use one of various available methods to eliminate student loan debt, make college and trade school education free, and help stop violence in the Middle East while protecting Native American graveyards and our water supply by making oil as worthless as sand and not worth fighting over or building pipelines for.

Even Americans with limited imaginations like you, Mike, will still have the right to carry a registered legal gun and go worship in whatever way to whatever deity on whatever day you want, because of all things Jill is a rugged Constitutionalist, and the BEST reason you can come up with to NOT vote for her is that she is a “kook”?

Go home, buddy. I was debating guys like you down into ash heaps when Rev. Jesse Jackson ran for President the first time. #EpicFail

(Best end of Sunday Night this month.)