What was worse?
The 4th “debate” sham?
The images of Hillary, Dolan, and Trump schmoozing together with the rest of the elites at a $3,000 a plate gala?
This image shows us the way out of this mess that started about 40 years ago.

Don’t believe me? Listen, young Padawan, while I tell you the story….

For nearly 40 years, the chance of an idea the top 10% of Americans by income getting what they want made into law has increased. So also they have had an ever increasing amount of control over our government and our lives.

I didn’t need some guy in Equador to tell me Democrats were corrupt and morally bankrupt. I had to explain to a first grade son that no, his Dad wouldn’t lose his job just because “he had a girlfriend and didn’t tell” me, his wife at the time.

I didn’t need HuffPost or twenty something bloggers to tell me Republicans are equally corrupt and kill lots of humans for money. I remember Oliver North, guns, drugs, cash, and dead bodies piling up.

Reagan, (although he gets a small pass because his worst crimes were after Nancy started hiding his dementia.)
Bush I
Bush 2
Obama after being tested with fame, power, and money and falling to all three.
Newt Gingrich. Jerry Falwell. Christian Coalition.
Al Gore’s campaign staff. So many Democrats in Congress.
So many Republicans in Congress.
Even Bernie, who like a typical Old Socialist, had great ideas but never much of a way to pay for them.

The Walton’s, Bill Gates. The Kohens. Murdoch. The list stretches back through the decades, and if they only taught real history in schools, every American would right now be united behind Jill Stein and the Green Party.

Not because she is perfect. She isn’t.
Not because they would agree with every idea she’s got. Some of her ideas are impossible to do, others just aren’t what Americans want.

If they only had taught real history in schools for the past 35 years, all of America would be united behind Jill Stein and her party for the same reason Americans got behind Lincoln. FDR.

She is from outside the problem, she is not a rich elite. She pays her taxes and doesn’t sell or give foreign governments, corporations, or SuperPacs control of her writing hand. She is an anti-Hillary.

She has never been investigated for mafia ties, never sexually assaulted anyone, and never defrauded investors so bad an entire accounting method had to be developed. “Pro-Forma” accounting is here because of Trump. Jill doesn’t consort with Nazis, either. She is an anti-Trump.

she has a workable, realistic plan, and her biggest baggage is some non violent protesting arrests. She is a firm believer in the US Constitution, and she is a 4 year reboot for America that will be committed to keeping this Union of States together.

Which is ultimately what is at stake here. Now. The second civil war is so close you can smell the sweat, see the hairs raised on the backs of the necks of the millions who have nothing left to lose, and who have been spoon fed propaganda for over 20 years that it is the “other” standing next to them that is the cause of their abject misery.

The cause of their abject misery – red, blue, Cardinal Scarlet, Corporate Grey, and the shreds of what once was a free impartial Press- just gathered for a $3,000 a plate gala, complete with raised oversized head tables so that even in the rarified air of the mountain they are on they could still look down upon the lesser nobles, the not-quite-as-obscenely rich.

While we? We 90% at the bottom? We could only sit in our humble abodes and catch a few still images, a carefully vetted, edited, censored news story about another banquet we weren’t even allowed to dream about going to. No Cinderellas here.

If Americans only knew their history, they would all gather united behind Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party because they are Not Hillary, Not Trump, Not Elites, Not Corporate Bound, Not part of the 40 years of incompetence, lust, greed, averice, and destruction.

Come Nov. 9th, or end of January, or that first decently warm day in April when all of us realize nothing got changed, this one isn’t any better than the ones we have been electing for 40 years, will we finally do what the linked image shows? Will we finally throw off our shackles, dump more tea in the harbor, ask tribal elders to put war paint on our brows also, and take our nation back?

Or, on Nov. 8th, will we politely and patiently stand in line, get alone in that booth, let our hand glide past our red and blue plantation owners, place our mark next to the Green – traditional symbol of new life, rebirth- and walk out having revolted, having saved our nation, united together… without shedding a single drop of blood?

Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC, (c) 2016